We recently released the highly anticipated A Freezing Night in Geneva, a story of the author’s many challenges and adventures on a study trip to Switzerland - his trials, tribulations and solutions he finds for all. He elaborates on one long and exhausting night he spent outside Geneva airport, having been locked out for many hours with nowhere to keep warm, with freezing temperatures, awaiting his flight to Spain for a study block. For the duration of the night, he has to find new solutions and encounters many situations which remind him of his student days and his life back home in India. He describes his experiences over the years, while watching the time tick by before he can re-enter the airport. He gives us fascinating insights into his beloved culture, his student days, his youthful experimentation and love for two ladies.


Inspired by the chill of Geneva, we had a look at some of the coldest places in the world!





Mount McKinley, Alaska -73.8C



Located at the highest peak of North America, it’s famous for being the coldest mountain in the world! Denali (Mount McKinley) regularly drops to -40C, but the lowest recorded temperature was -73.8C.



Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station -82C



Amundsen-Scott is in the far south of the south pole – in fact, it’s couldn’t be any further south, as the scientific research station was built there due to it being located in the southernmost place on earth. Temperate have known to drop to -82C…



Dome Argus, Antarctic Plateau −82.5C



This Dome is located close to East Antarctica, the dome is a plateau or a large area which goes on for almost a thousand kilometres and is the highest point of flat ice in Antarctica. The above, Amundsen-Scot pole station, is actually included in there as is the South Pole. The lowest temperature recorded was a whopping -82.5C



Russia’s Vostok research station –89.2C



Located 3488 metres above sea level, this Russian Antarctica research station is technically the coldest place on earth, consistently. Getting to insane temperature of 89.2C... This is very very cold.



Dome Fuji ridge East Antarctic Plateau –93.2C.




The one takes the crown, before 2010 the record was set by the Russian Vostok research centre, then -93.2C happened. This place is damn cold. Dome Fuji is a high ridge set between Dome Fuji and Dome Argus on the East Antarctic Plateau. But this Dome, is special. It’s had the lowest temperature ever recorded on earth by Nasa’s satellite.



I think we need a coat after looking at those pictures! If you really want to dive into the cool winds, check out A Freezing Night in Geneva, but bring a blanket!