October has gone and past, with spooky horror stories and crime novels getting smaller in the mirror as we race to Christmas!

But what about November?


It seems that the minute the Halloween decorations get put away, it's full swing Christmas! And we agree, bu that doesn't mean there isn't time in good ole November to get reading some truly fantastic novels!


That's why in this blog post, we thought we would share a few of our brilliant books, sure to keep you going for the build up to Christmas!



The Adventures of Ollie Bobs and Duke - The Sneaky Tiger by Faye Stringer



'Ollie Bobs & Duke were playing in the garden, when they heard a noise... Duke said, "Pardon?"

Who's making the noise? What else do they find? What do they have to look behind?

Come help Ollie Bobs & Duke look, to find out who's hiding in this book!'


Ok, we had to start with something for the kid's, and Ollie Bobs & Duke will be sure to put a smile on their faces! Pick it up here!



Broken Bonds by Rebecca Spinks



'Melinda has always married for money, and everyone knows it. But when she marries Harry Ryker, her family becomes a dangerous place to be. Buried amongst the grief and resentment of this seemingly perfect family lie dark secrets that, with the sudden death of Melinda's daughter, must finally come to the surface.
Everyone is a suspect in this gripping mystery that brings the whole family under scrutiny, including the victim herself. And when the lead detective on the case - Nate Richards - becomes hopelessly entangled in the family drama, things start to get even more complicated...
Will this be the case to break this family, or bring them closer together?'


Mystery, crime, Broken Bonds has it all, and will be sure to keep you on the edge of your seat! Full into the story here.



Journal of a Husband by Marc Francis



'Sometimes, the differences between a man and a woman are undeniable. The clashes and misunderstandings this leads to are humorously inevitable. Follow the day-to-day challenges that men may face in this hilarious journal, explaining the realities of being a husband. Be prepared to laugh, smile and shake your head as you read about the struggles that the male mind goes through on a daily basis. In this book, you will find a husband's equivalent of the ten commandments - critical for any successful marriage. Alongside this, in a comically entertaining fashion, you will become educated on the antics husbands and wives use like ‘guilt spreading', ‘the Jewellers/lunch trick', and you will learn the three painstaking words you never want to hear, ‘Can you just...'.'


You just got done reading mystery and crime, what better way to lighten the mood than to read this humerous take on the challenges of being a Husband. Looking for a laugh? Then look no further!


A reminder that these are only a few of the incredible books we have available on our website. Who know's, maybe you may even read them all before Christmas?