Ready for the whole ‘new year, new me’ resolutions people come up with. Have you joined a gym you know you won’t go to in the next 6 months? Started a diet you know you’ll give up on when you realise there are still a lot of chocolates and biscuits left from the winter break. After tucking into some apple slices I can already tell I will be fed up by Friday and will probably demolish an entire family bag of crisps.



We thought we would give you five things you can do to make the new year a better one.



1. Start reading. As a publisher, we are real advocates for reading, so, pick up a book and don’t put it down, maybe there are other books in the series you will enjoy. Learn what genres you like and have fun, reading should be a relaxing hobby, you should enjoy it!



2. Join a club. Ever wanted to learn to sew or knit or maybe even fancied learning how to do calligraphy, then why not start? Get on google, or go to your nearest activity hall/centre and enquire about it, maybe if it’s not available you could start up a group and find someone who could teach you.



3. Get a bit more active. After Christmas we should probably think about moving around a bit, so why not start swimming or running, or maybe go and play tennis. These low impact activities shouldn’t cause you too many aches, but they are enough to get your heart pumping!



4. Maybe make a few dietary changes. We know that’s boring, but your body might thank you for it, after all the chocolate and possibly alcohol, your body could use a bit of a detox!



5. Take more time for yourself. Don’t forget to spend some time for yourself, take some time and make yourself a hot drink, run a bath, go for a walk. Make every day count!