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Autobiography & Memoirs:


Anecdotes of a Village Bobby by John Woodgate

John Woodgate practised Community Policing before the term became a strategy. The epitome of the ‘village Bobby', walking his ‘beat' or cycling his ‘patch', without radio or back-up outside the sound of a whistle, PC Woodgate relied on the respect he won from the neighbours he served. With warmth and humour, John Woodgate's memoirs offer the reader an insight into a bygone age of rural Policing with tales ranging from neighbourhood disputes to poaching and murder.


Another Brazil Heard From by Susan K. Brems and Fred G. Brems

In this captivating contemporary account, Susan and Fred Brems offer insightful perspective into a little-known enclave of Northeast Brazil in the state of Ceará. Through a series of letters penned over the 17 months they spent in the back country during 1989 and 1990, they describe their work and life, Susan as a researcher on fertility and health among rural women and Fred as a high-school teacher and mentor.                     

The intimate and anecdotal letters shine a comprehensive light on the socioeconomic and political landscape of Brazil in the early 1990s; the everyday lives and struggles of the people who lived and worked there; and the Brems couple's own experiences as residents of such a community. The stark differences between Northeast Brazilian and American cultures are illustrated with deference, humor and more than a touch of self-reflection, a read both fascinating and educational.


Easy Cum, Easy Go by Edu S.

When Evert Small's brother-in-law brought him in to help work the seedier side of his Amsterdam coffee shops at the age of seventeen, it opened a whole new world of possibilities for him.                                                                                                                         

A world of seven figure drug deals, flying all over the world, a home in every country and never having to worry about money.                                                                         

But when that world starts to take him into its seedy heart it becomes all too clear how Easy Cum, Easy Go material wealth really is.                                                           

Written during occasional stints in prison, this is a no-holds-barred expose of a high-rolling life spent in and around the coffee shops and red-light district of Amsterdam as it became the city it is today.


Looking Back Without Anger by Susanna Elliott-Newth

In this astonishing memoir, Susanna Elliot-Newth relives an unimaginable childhood, often stranger than fiction. Trapped in an acutely abusive family home under the watch of a mentally disordered mother and docile father, Susanna's existence is one of sheer survival. From a very tender age, Susanna is exposed to domestic slavery that includes shovelling snow and handwashing the family's laundry with insults for reward. Bent on destroying her daughter's sense of self-worth, Susanna recalls her mother's successful sabotage of cherished relationships and time-cured career plans for her own perverse satisfaction. While Looking Back Without Anger is a powerful story of the human will to survive, it also serves as an important history of a world before current advances in mental health studies; the utter devastation undiagnosed mental disorders can wreak on innocent lives and the criminal potential it unleashes in communities.


Love in the Time of Corona by Torena O’Rorke

What is true love? Is it possible to manifest this elusive dream into reality? Shattered by a crippling pain condition and a dying marriage, I sought to find an answer to this universal question. During the insidious grip of a world pandemic, in the ancient and mystical Spanish city of Granada, I found a new life and love with a young artist thirty-one years my junior. Through the challenges of illness, social rejection, and family turmoil, we have discovered a passion and commitment despite the odds.                             

And I've learned when hope becomes belief, dreams really do come true.                   

From the celebrated American author of The Astrology Mystery series, this memoir is an authentic story of a middle-aged woman's journey to find love and ultimately, herself.


More Precious Than Gold: My Enduring Connection with John McShain – The Man Who Built Washington by Alice O’Neill McLoughlin

Alice O'Neill was born the eldest of eleven children into an Irish farming family. In 1978, she was awarded a scholarship from John McShain- the iconic builder, a wealthy and devout Catholic with Derry ancestry, responsible for many famous American landmarks, including the Jefferson Memorial and the Pentagon. This book records the lifelong personal correspondence Alice exchanged with ‘The Man Who Built Washington.' His philanthropy extended to the Irish people in the bequeathing to the State of Killarney House and the surrounding thousands of acres incorporating the Lakes, Ross Castle, and Innisfallen Island. In 2019, Alice had the honour of inducting John McShain into the Irish America Hall of Fame in her home town of New Ross in the presence of his relatives from Philadelphia and Derry. This is a tale of altruism, of gratitude, of faith and of a life lived in the pursuit of excellence.


Para, Cook, Killer, Book: It’s ‘Cooking’ Harder Than You Think by J.R. Maxwell

A CHEF HAS PARACHUTED INTO YOUR LIFE.                                                                                 

It was no joke being an airborne chef. Ready to parachute into any trouble spot at a moment's notice, the Red Berets expected a hot meal at the end of a hard day's fight, and the airborne chefs had to be there next to them. He was required to carry out his own orders and adapt to any terrain. He had to be a soldier first, chef second and ALWAYS airborne.                                                                                                                           

He was expected to perform anywhere in the world in any weather.                

When it was all over after almost twenty years face a different a test. Murderers, arm robbers and adapt to a multi-cultural, ever-changing world.                                            

This has been J R Maxwell's career, a life of experiences both rare and funny, shining a light upon a little-known and little-appreciated side of military life. Let him serve you right if you still don't appreciate military chefs, and the food they cook... ‘it's cooking harder than you think'.


That Covid Year by Nick Vause

That Covid Year is a personal record of what it was like to live through one of the most bizarre and unsettling episodes of recent times. In the final months of his career as a secondary school teacher in North London, Nick Vause recalls the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic on schools and its effect on him personally. Charting what it was like to live through 2020, with all its challenges and opportunities, That Covid Year is a vivid and highly readable account of a year that none of us who lived through it are ever likely to forget...





Spaced-Out or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Climate Change by John Rodger

Author John, Rodger, like each of us has been on his own journey of discovery. In Spaced-Out or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Climate Change, he explains with apprehension the crime that is destroying all lives, and offers the knowledge of how to be saved and protected from such games which at the end destruct the lives those who are intensely involved in.                                                                      

This books provides a simple yet thorough understanding of the problems of the 2020s and the near future. The crime which was rampant as the population wanted to consume the new all-consuming drug, the games. The level of intricacy and spellbinding nature of most computer games had increased the addiction levels which contaminates the precious lives.

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Personal Development:


From Co-Dependent to Independent: A Psychotherapist’s Diary by Jula Aniol

This book is an attempt to tell a story that may help to change some stereotypes about professionals working in the psychotherapy field. It shows that they also sometimes err and make unhealthy decisions in life. That they are not free from life's difficulties and problems, but carry their own backpacks of experiences, which can prove to be helpful in their work with others. This is also a story about a woman who suffered over the years with her own identity loss and wanted to find a meaning in her traumatic experiences.                                                                                                                         

This book is for everyone who struggles with self-worth, has experienced trauma or was in abusive, toxic, co-dependent relationships. For everyone who has experienced loss, either loss of someone significant to them or loss of hope in others, in life or in themselves. But more than anything, it is a book that speaks about restoration of hope and the courage to find yourself again.





Thoughts Fully Baked by Dennis Piervicenti

Prepare to embark on a mind-bending journey through the captivating world of Dennis Piervicenti's Thoughts Fully Baked. In this thought-provoking collection, Piervicenti serves up a tantalizing blend of introspection, wit, and wisdom. From the depths of his imagination, he crafts captivating stories that will leave you questioning the very fabric of reality. With each turn of the page, readers will be entranced by Piervicenti's unique ability to seamlessly blend humor, insight, and profound observations. Thoughts Fully Baked is a literary feast that will satiate your intellectual hunger and leave you craving for more. Get ready to have your mind expanded and your perspective challenged in this extraordinary literary masterpiece.





A Ruby-Tooth from an Unlikely Pomegranate by Bhavesh Praveen

A collection of poems penned by an aspiring artist come author as seen through his eyes and words, taking a journey through powerful feelings exploring his innermost thoughts with the words he is unable to express openly.                                                               

Poetry is an escape from the weight of the world and a way to break free from the chains placed on you by society; an escape to a better world where you can write whatever and say whatever you want and let the built-up fire in your heart escape onto paper where it engulfs everything.                                                                                                    

Written in a quirky way these poems capture a wide array of unpredictable feelings and emotions which will capture your heart.


Birdsong by Kumkum Ahluwalia

Kumkum Ahluwalia describes her journey to nature in Birdsong. She rhymes her way through her insightful experiences. Read on to learn more about her adventures.


Emotions by Craig Harman

The diverse selection of poems in this, the author's first book of poems, provokes a rich mixture of emotions from the reader. From laughter to tears, from inspiration to reflection, this collection is sure to have something for everyone.


Fifty Poems by T.E. Fantl

This first published collection of poems by T. E. Fantl are indicative of his canny encounters of life and its personages in this insightful cross section of encounters, behaviours, philosophy and ... imagination.                                                                                   

Fantl writes with descriptive passion and surgical observation. His deliciously personal journeys and characters, (he often being one of them), will take the reader on riveting rides.                                                                                                                                    

By profession a visual artist having lived in many countries, his poetic works have, until now, remained very private.                                                                                            

The sheer variation included within these works is wide, intriguing and all-encompassing.                                                                                                             

Fantl's use of language is uniquely seductive, as are the elements of observation, witticism, humour, drama and danger. He writes with a profound passion for words and language, plying a line as he would ply paint from the brush, with the right pressure and intent.                                                                                                                                         

Fantl skews convention, as he can, because he has risen from it.                            

He is times colloquial, and always enthusiastic about the subject of each poem.    

Fantl writes with knowledge and credibility and the selection of poems complement each other as well as being fulfilling for the reader if read as standalone pieces.                

Poetry lovers, and those new to reading poetry, will enjoy entering and experiencing this collection.


First Rain by S. Job

What does it mean to live in an eclectic, dynamic world? What does it mean to be human? What does it mean to carve out an existence for ourselves amongst the birds and beasts and plants with whom we share our planet?                                                                 

S. Job's immersive anthology First Rain is a celebration of the world around us. Set within the heart of India's Malabar Coast and spanning across the ever-changing ebb and flow of the seasons, this anthology is a heartfelt love letter to the very reality of our existence. The fury of the monsoon season; the cool darkness of the woods; the volatile nature of the ocean; the glory of the animal kingdom; the joys and grief of human nature. Beauty is everywhere we look, and this simple fact is masterfully illuminated by the poems that make up this spell-binding volume.


No Map or Mirror by Kit Allsopp

AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK AND HARDBACK. No Map or Mirror is a collection of poems about coming of age in modern times. The poems chart a rise through youth and a descent into adulthood against a backdrop of crumbling towns, merciless cities and ambling countryside. It is a three-part journey inspired by love, loss, forging a living and shaping a life in 21st century Britain.


The Moose and the Butterfly by Mark Godfrey

These are a collection of poems which are powerful, emotional, and thought provoking. A lovely read.


The Scarlet Stone and Other Selected Poems by Nader Rahimi

Nader Rahimi's ‘The Scarlet Stone and other Selected Poems' is the first ever translation of Siavash Kasrai's poetry. A seminal figure in Persian literature, Kasrai's epic poetry toils with the turbulent political landscape of Iran. The Scarlett Stone is complex in how Kasrai confronts the failure of his own communist ideology and expands this on a broader scale, after having witnessed the events following the upending of the Shah regime in 1979, which led to the rise of the current Islamic regime. Rahimi's translation includes a complete translation of ‘The Scarlett Stone', ten other poems such as ‘Wish', and finally, a partially selected translation of ‘Arash the Archer'. In translating Kasrai's lyrical yet searing poetry, Rahimi opens up a world of rich language, allegory, and most importantly, hope, previously unexplored by the English speaker.


Veil of Sorrows by Mahuroos Shafeeq

Mahuroos Shafeeq's poetry collection delves into the profound theme of love and letting go. The book intricately weaves through the four stages of grief - denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and ultimately, acceptance.                                                               

Shafeeq's verses navigate the complexities of human emotions, offering a poignant exploration of each stage. As the journey unfolds, the poetry not only captures the essence of heartache but also guides readers through the transformative process of moving on and self-discovery.


Well, Mama, This Is It (it’s now or never) by Adaina

Step into a world where love knows no bounds and equality reigns supreme. In this gripping tale, a group of men and women defy the odds and fight for their right to be themselves. As they navigate the twists and turns of their lives, they discover that the greatest strength comes from within.                                                                                       

Meanwhile, teenagers grapple with their own struggles, trying to find their place in a world that often seems to be against them. But as the characters' stories intertwine, they learn the power of love, the importance of equality, and the beauty of being true to oneself. This is a story that will inspire young women and men in our community to embrace their uniqueness and strive for greatness. So come along on this unforgettable journey of self-discovery and empowerment, and discover the power of love and equality in a world that often seems to be lacking in both.


Words With Trees by Riley Harris

Words With Trees offers a collection of poems dealing with contemplations and softer feelings of the everyday ruminator, bringing to our consciousness the interaction of nature, artistic creations and loved ones with our very soul.                                                        

The poetry sings of the identity of the people and land from which it belongs and unleashes a myriad of emotions onto the page. With a focal sense of vulnerability, Words With Trees seems to give words to the lover, the griever, and the naturalist, connecting them with various existential questions and spiritual musings.                  

To find some sense of our being within the world, or lack thereof, read these poems to discover what Riley Harris believes may be hidden and articulated out of the silence.





Reincarnation in Gaia’s Bower by Diana Mary Rose

A tantalising glimpse into the spiritual aspect of life on Earth. This book removes any consideration that we only live once. We do not. We live multiple existences and we enjoy each one according to the dictates of our karmic record sheet. The author cleverly balances reincarnation with Gaia's powers of Earth regeneration. She takes you on a wonderland of celebrity situations , mixing metaphor with reality, karma with truth, tangled relationships with soul desires. This is a truly entertaining read, and it is informative too. No one can resist Diana's style. It is zany, affable, crazed and forbidden. The author sees beyond the veil of our truth and dips her toe into eternity.





Bites of Cricket by Nick Cowley

When has a batter been out ‘Delayed Hit Wicket', or to a ‘Bi-Bouncer Ball'? What are the Best Cricket Wordplays? When did Streaking Stop Play? Will England's Test Revolution take hold? What was the Worst Ball Ever, the Best Test Ever, and the Best ODI? How did AB de Villiers meet Sherlock Homes? These and a wide range of other intriguing cricket questions are answered here in the course of 52 Bites that range between the serious, the humorous and the plain bizarre - like cricket itself.



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