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Adult Fiction:


Dark Ruling: Mafia Queen Rising by Aurora Queens

Rhia is a somewhat normal young woman. Having grown up an orphan, she never really knew where she stood, but now she feels as though she is starting to find her place in the world. This is until the day everything changes.                                                 

Malachi Blackstone, a mafia boss and highly important individual, comes to her work one day for lunch, expecting normal service, when an attack on him is attempted. However, Rhia alerts him, and his life is saved. She thinks nothing of it, until she hears the Blackstone family rules that she must obey. Either she chooses to be hunted down and killed by Malachi, or she marries him. Which will she choose, and just how different can her life truly become?                                                                                                           

Dark Ruling: Mafia Queen Rising is a thrilling tale full of action, romance, and twists that calls into question just how much you would risk for the people you care about.


Keezheekoni by Gary D. Rudé

NOW AVAILABLE IN HARDBACK. Growing up in a small rural community in the 1950s had advantages and apparent shortcomings. Hank Wahlberg was a naive young man who grew up in that environment. He inherited a passion for fishing from his father, specifically for the great Northern Pike. This enthusiasm for fishing revealed itself as Hank grew and matured into adulthood. However, In the 1960s, Hank was cast into a world he had never known before. Words like discrimination, war, and political unrest were unfamiliar to Hank, but he was spontaneously forced to confront them. Hank trusted people to a fault. This shortcoming became evident when he found himself in business with a lifelong friend, who used Hank's trusting ways to attempt to destroy their successful business venture. With the help of friends and family, Hank recognized his handicap but, unfortunately, was never able to overcome it.


Lanya by Percy Mark

Lanya and her grandfather become travel companions in search of ways to make sense of the world.                                                                                                                                             

We join them on the occasion of Lanya's fifteenth birthday, on a train journey to Vienna. Barely out of St. Pancras Station, Lanya asks, "You know God and religion and all that, Grandpa?"                                                                                                                                 

This starts a conversation which holds their attention all the way to Vienna and back, and continues well into Lanya's late twenties. They explore such questions as: ‘Why there are so many different religions?' ‘How to hear truth spoken by your inner voice?' ‘Why free will is a prerequisite for love?' ... as well as exploring the meaning of faith, gratitude, prayer and hope.                                                                                                      

Later, when Lanya is twenty-six years old and a baker of wholesome bread, she drives her grandfather up the motorway into the Midlands, and we find them exploring the meaning of the word ‘Soul' and how we can sense our own soul in our daily lives. The conversation continues on benches in Grandpa's garden, where they delve into the difference between meditation and prayer and how, amidst all the noise of modern life and the scary outlook for the future, we can continue to connect with the still small voice inside our hearts, and how we can find the courage to bring children into this endangered world?                    

Finally - COVID-compliant - we join their quest, via email, to find answers to what they perceive as the most pressing questions of the day. Though each defines these somewhat differently, their direction of travel is the same, and, spurring each other on with ideas from books they have read and the developments in current affairs, they share their surprise at the simplicity of the answer which emerges as the destination of their quest.


Soundtrack for the Dead by John Reed

When you know your life is soon to end, where would you go? How would you spend your time? Perhaps on a beach in the Caribbean, or at the heights of the Swiss Alps. Soundtrack for the Dead takes you to Trieste, an obscure Italian City, to follow the protagonist to his death. Faced with the finality of a terminal cancer diagnosis, the dying speaker journeys from the cloying shores of New York to Trieste, previous home of the seminal writer James Joyce and current home to an excellent coffee, to confront his pending end.                                                                                                                               

Filled with dripping irony and commentary on the woes of modernity, Soundtrack for the Dead is a sober narrative of life, loss and meaning, a meaning sometimes found in pack of medication or in a good cup of coffee and a chat with a friend from above. Reed's prose is blunt and seething, inviting you to consider mortality and the fear that follows.



Adventure & Fantasy:


Adventure of BlossomBliss by Farheen Nawab

"...and then came a cave type exit; an exit from this world and an entrance to another world"     

In Adventure of BlossomBliss, we meet a thirteen-year-old schoolgirl, Emella Gem, and her best friend, Laura Roll. Emella starts hearing a strange voice in her head asking for her help. When she confides to her best friend Laura about the voice she is amazed to learn that Laura has heard the same plea for help.                                                   

When the voice asks Emella and Laura to find a map, a strange and wonderful adventure starts to emerge.


Edward Sting and the Five Relams by Aidan Williams

Ever since his grandfather's disappearance, Edward Sting has become a recluse, dodging work and neglecting friends. With no one else to lament to about the oppressive ruler of Teradowa, Edward is left feeling empty inside. But everything changes when he receives a letter from his missing grandfather, tasking Edward to find him, and revealing there are other Realms outside the control of tyrannous King Sento. With a newfound determination, Edward and his friend Cliff begin the journey across the Five Realms to Regnum, the darkest and most deadly Realm of them all. On his journey, unlikely alliances are formed and mysterious enemies threaten to destroy Edward's mission. Can Edward's ragtag bunch of heroes all be trusted? Or will they fail to find Edward's grandfather and chance losing the secret of the Five Realms forever?


Fatal Prophecy Vol. 2: Carter Blood by Ashley Sorrell

Carter Blood follows the tale of Galdorwide where the ghost of the vengeful king is still terrorising the kingdom. Bella the Queen is doing everything in her power to prevent the attacks, but when she is made to step down from the throne, the children and the ministry know things have taken a turn for the worse. Aisley has returned from the dead, Ace has his own notorious plans to overcome his Nullumness, and the children are left to fight their own battles.                                                                                                

The attacks begin taking the lives of the students of Galdorwide High and it is revealed that the king plans to unleash a monster that can only be defeated by a male Carter. But there being no male Carter left, how will the kingdom defend itself against the unconquerable monster?


Stealing Thunder by Brooke Scarlett

'"I'm saying," Reuben rolled his shoulders and sat back, looking Mari in the eye for just a second, "I think they're making dragons."'                                                                                          

Reuben Breneger is kind of a loner. So, when he finds himself with time on his hands trying to procrastinate for his final exams, he stumbles upon a discovery.                   

Reuben begins to believe that the Australian government is creating dragons for militaristic purposes. With the help of his younger sister and a few unlikely friends, Reuben sets out to confirm this theory and ultimately, winds up stealing dragon eggs from a government facility.                                                                                                             

Panicked, the teenagers go on the run, having to learn on the go as they attempt to evade the military's relentless pursuit, take care of dragons and face other disasters along the way.


The Dragonboy Diaries by Jo Slesser

IS THERE A BIBLIONAUT IN YOUR BEDROOM?                                                                              

Try looking in your books. Biblionauts are their secret guardians and of all that is inside them, be that dragons or prehistoric mammoths, ancient Greece or modern chemistry.                                                                                                                          

Rescued by kindly humans Derek is a dragon making his friendly if fiery contribution to the ethnic diversity of modern Britain. Winning his place on his local town's basketball team, Derek couldn't see a cloud on his horizon until Phoebe appeared in his diary.                                                                                                                   

Phoebe is there to help, but how? Is Derek's life with his foster family different to that of other boys, somehow? Didn't the War between the Mammoths and the Dragons end long ago?                                                                                                                                             

Or is some mammoth problem lurking in the backwoods where he was found? Did his dragon parents abandon him heartlessly, or do they love their lost boy and will make his life complete, if only they can find him?



General Fiction:


A Stream in the Wild by Paul Devito

When married artists Paul and Nancy meet Rich and his irresistible girlfriend on a camping trip, Paul immediately responds to Jennifer's sensual confidence and when boundaries are crossed the seeds of a torrid affair are sown. Between trying for their first child and the drudgery of domestic life, Paul, and Nancy drift apart daily. Too committed to leave his newly pregnant wife and too weak to leave his brazen mistress Paul finds himself on a path of lust and confusion that threatens to lead him away from the family he has created.                                                                                                                  

In a Stream in the Wind Devito magically threads mundane elements of daily life from fishing, meal planning conversations and showers through torrid encounters to form an inescapable web of anticipation.


Black Moon: The Legend of Jake Benteen by Kim L. Hubbard

When lone rider and gunfighter Jake Benteen stumbles across two men in the New Mexico desert robbing a supply wagon, his code does not allow him to just ride on.                They have taken a young girl hostage. By intervening, he can save the young girl's life and right a terrible wrong. But his actions will change his life forever.                          

As he takes the injured and traumatized girl back to Degado Station he discovers the town's sheriff is an old friend who thanks him for what he did, but warns him that the men he killed were members of an outlaw gang from a nearby town run by a demented man named Wolf. He and his men will want revenge.                                      

Can Jake save the town from total destruction? Can the newfound love of a woman in town tame his heart?


Family, The Divine Enterprise by Yemi Lufadeju

Family... a word that conjures up a mix of emotions, for some, comfort, safety, acceptance and love, for others consternation, grief, sorrow and heartache.                                 

But what if we could rise above it all - the good and the bad and shift our perspective on the purpose and expectation of being part of a family? What if there are tools to maintain and restore the bonds of family?                                                               

In this book the author proposes a different narrative for family and shares age old texts from the Bible to wield prayer as a practical and effective tool for overcoming the inevitable trials that come with family life.


Grandpa’s by Ian Woodcock

Jay Smith is a young boy living with his mother, Alice, while his father is deployed on active duty. He is desperate for a grandfather as he misses his father and is upset that his school friends all have grandparents to spend time with during the Summer.                

Jay produces a plan to get himself a grandfather and advertises for one. His plan doesn't work out as planned and instead of one, he has four volunteers. His mother provides a workable solution by getting them all to agree to a day each in the week, with Jay making the final choice of who he wants on day five.                                                                   

He spends one day each with the elderly gentlemen vying to be his grandfather. Each day brings something new, exciting, and different as the men do their best to convince Jay to choose him. Jay faces a tough decision because he likes all of them. When it comes time for his decision, a surprise is waiting that changes everything.


Guerrilla Warfare by Dennis Reed

Richard receives his first letter from the government, a letter that changes his life. A letter that requires him to put his life on the line for his country. Turning eighteen during the Vietnam War means Richard is forced to serve when his number is called in the lottery. Leaving his alcoholic mother and his love, he tries to survive in Vietnam among old and new friends.   Race and memory feature prominently. Racial lines still run deep even when among those serving on the same side. Memories of the past shadow the present. Richard has to navigate the racial tensions and the moral issues of participating in a war one doesn't believe in. Dennis Reed's novel provides looks at the war through a new lens and is an engrossing read throughout.


Only When the Moon is Big by Ann Kenyon

Jonas Bailey is a tenant farmer on the East Lancashire moors at a time in the nineteenth century when the water board is buying up land to collect water and built reservoirs to supply water for the growing mill towns. All is fine until the landlord's son takes a fancy for his beautiful youngest daughter, then the trouble begins. A story of sorrow, joy, and hardships, but through it all great love.


Releasing the Venom by Adeline Grace

Releasing the Venom by Adeline Grace unravels the emotional tale of Anastasia, a devoted stay-at-home mom, living what appears to be a perfect life with her military husband Dimitri and three toddlers. However, beneath this veneer lies a haunting past marked by CPTSD from an abusive relationship, threatening the tranquility she has built.                                                                                                                                      

Annie's struggle extends beyond the scars of abuse, prompting readers to question whether she is a survivor or merely weak. This thought-provoking exploration of resilience and trauma unfolds in a poignant dance between past and present, revealing the intricacies of healing, triggers, and the influence of a narcissistic sociopath. Set against the backdrop of a farm field, Anastasia seeks solace in Spring, illustrating her fight for normalcy amid trauma's relentless grip. Adeline Grace's skillful narrative challenges readers to reflect on their own pasts, urging them to break free from the venom poisoning their minds. The book is a compelling blend of raw emotion, psychological depth, and the enduring strength within the complexities of the human experience.


Sea of Butterflies by Bruna Porto

Though World War Two is raging, for the geisha of the Hirata house, life is quiet and focused. Ayana, known as Hanako the geisha, the most famous in Kyoto, has little to contend with besides her duties as a lady of the house with ritual and charm, and the attentions of Taichi Imamura, a soldier bent on becoming her patron. When a letter arrives from an old friend, hinting at atrocities being committed in Manchuria, Ayana determines to leave the safety of the Hirata house to locate her.                                       

What she finds is far worse than she could have expected: a network of ‘comfort camps' where women are abducted and held for the pleasure of soldiers. War cannot stay away from the Hirata house for long, and when it finds them, the geishas there have a choice: fall in line, or fight for what they believe in, even against their own country.


Stony Creek by Jacki Nicholls

Set in the rural landscape of Stony Creek, New South Wales, 1885 Jacki Nicholls succeeds in painting a romantic picture of rolling pastures and sheep farming around the fascinating world of horse racing.                                                                                               

Despised at an early age by his brother and then orphaned by the unexpected death of both parents, Alex Burns is a broken man. Determined to lead a quiet productive life on the farm he has inherited when Alex meets sharp-witted and beautiful Ellen, he resolves to make her his wife. Alex's upward trajectory continues with a dynamic business partnership and before long the rewards of being a racehorse owner begin to manifest. So, when Alex's estranged brother appears without warning in Stony Creek, and Alex is coincidentally killed in a house fire, conclusions are quickly drawn, and arrests swiftly made, and Ellen finds herself prematurely widowed. But in one last unanticipated twist, Nicholls brings back a man from Ellen's past apparently keen to relieve himself of a most remarkable confession.


Success is a Choice by Deepak Gupta

Dan Webber, an executive at The Global Company Inc., struggles to rise above his current position. Frustrated by years of stagnation, Webber approaches Ron Falcon, his more successful younger colleague and boss, to understand the reason behind his perceived failure. Over the next few weeks Ron takes on the role of knowledgeable guru to Webber's ardent disciple. What follows is an unearthing of the invaluable skills and perspectives that inherently create success, and separate winners. SUCCESS IS A CHOICE is a unique self-help book that presents real-world corporate problems in a fictional setting. Author Deepak Gupta uses over fifty years of experience in the commercial sector to demystify success. By exposing the pathological mindsets that result in failure and replacing them with positive insights rooted in spiritual, sociological, and corporate teachings, Gupta equips readers to establish productive approaches to the way we relate to ourselves and one another, wherever we might find ourselves in our life's journey.


The Failing Entrapolist by Satoshi Nakamoto

Through the tide of uncertainty it continued with grit on the left pocket and perseverance on the right pocket. Perceives to the eyes and mind hard like hard unknown and never to be known, an identity of depth to a nature of an Entrepreneur only him and him of course will ever exist, a story that puts a spell in your unbought reality shoes to walk the walk of an Entrepreneur driving the book from start to end, his end must be questioned what does it hold for the world. The filling of ideas in your mind, adjusted to your perfection, whom serves such dish in the world of today. The Entrepreneur lends you his own Hat, Glasses, T-shirt, Trouser and Shoes to such 'Be Here Now'.


The Wind and the Rain by Paul Devito

Paul could not seem to be luckier: a trust-fund child of New York, writing at his own leisurely pace now that he has reached the other side of academia. The Wind and the Rain absorbs us into the golden years of this spirited literature graduate as he finds his footing in a world of love and art.                                                                                                 

As he moves on from his ex-girlfriend, Laura, Paul follows his desires for numerous potential matches: Lisa is his unobtainable best friend, Heather is soft and loveable, Laura is dynamic and impulsive while Linda is cautious and worldly. Yet bachelorhood is not always so breezy as Paul becomes caught by his fickle feelings, the emotional baggage of others and the manic episodes that ensue.                                              

Read this novel to see how lust and love may become confused and romantic disillusionment becomes an all too real possibility. Can Paul re-evaluate his obsessive lifestyle choices? Will the ultimate playboy ever settle down?


Without Warning by Joan Brodie

Azlyn is bisexual and in her final year of college. She has a frosty relationship with her parents, so her apartment is supposed to be a haven after the holidays. That is until she meets her roommate Rebecca.                                                                                                           

Will Azyln survive her brand of torment? Will her classmate Carver be her new haven? Will Azyln finally be able build the life she wants?                                                       

Brodie spins a contemporary tale of lesbianism, jealousy, the trials of love and the struggles of womanhood.



Historical Fiction:


Family Tree by Charlotte Rhodes

You are only human.                                                                                                                        

In 1932, newlyweds Matthew and Johanna Pierce celebrate the birth of their son, Theo. Surrounded by the large, extended Pierce family, they settle down in Reeds Point and go on to have daughter Gracie. As Matthew and Johanna navigate through complicated family ties, years pass and Theo and Gracie grow into adults.                        

But when Theo falls in love and Gracie disapproves, a whole new set of challenges and threats arise. Over the course of Theo's life, he must battle to keep his family together, to protect the next generation from inheriting his families share of generational trauma. Life brings with it all of the challenges of ill health, death, and divorce but there are also celebrations of friendship, births, and weddings in this story of a family dynasty.


The Looking Glass of the Past by Soni Butterfly

In a poignant tale of love, family, and the intricate threads of time, "Through the Looking Glass" weaves a captivating narrative. JT, a man burdened by a lifetime of worries and knowing, faces a battle with illness that leads him back to his childhood home. As he revisits the past, memories of his mother, Etta, resurface, creating a powerful connection between their lives, marked by the gift of knowing.                                                         

In moments of reflection, JT contemplates the choices that have defined his existence, wondering if he would choose differently if given a second chance. The Looking Glass, a forgotten mirror, becomes a portal through which past and present collide, offering glimpses of his mother's earlier years.                                                                     

This touching story explores the bonds that transcend time, reminding us of the enduring connections between generations and the wisdom that can be gained through the passage of years. "Through the Looking Glass" is a moving exploration of the complexities of life, the power of knowing, and the beauty of finding solace in unexpected places.


The Girl in the Bunker by Mike Stephenson

World War Two is raging in Europe but there are dangers closer to home. London in 1940. A serial killer is on the loose in the Blackout preying on young women. By day, Lizzie Newman works as a typist for Churchill's underground War Rooms. But by night she is being followed...


The Nutcrackers by B.S.

Dian has lived many lives. But she cannot remember them all.                                                  

She has lived them alongside Lusifer, Storm and Sus, who deliberately keep her from remembering them.                                                                                                               They are her friends, and lovers, and they need her to keep collecting and saying the formulas that will fix the world. The distraction of a memory could be the difference between heaven and hell.                                                                                                       

Only when they have all been said can everything be at peace once more.      

But the forces of evil are against them, and time may be eternal, but it is not on their side.





The Curious Business of Percival Lowe by Henry J. Cockburn

Invalided out of the army in 1900 and facing the prospect of destitution, George Fairlea cannot believe his luck when he is employed by the charismatic and mysterious Percival Lowe. His only concern, as he embarks upon a whirlwind of excitement and extravagance, is that he does not really know what Lowe's occupation is. As his employer draws him deeper and deeper into his confidence, however, and as the delights of his new life are overshadowed by inexplicable hauntings, Fairlea finds himself challenging not only his own morality, but the very fabric of the world he inhabits. Lowe, he discovers, has unleashed a force more dangerous and more powerful than either of them could possibly have imagined.





Blood, With A Drop of Sherry by T.S. Marni

The evening wasn't a starry night, as it ought to be in May. Instead, the sky was blanketed with a thin cloud and an incessant drizzle, dampening any joy that lingering guests harboured from the lawn party that day.... but not, of course, for the usual diehards, who would never let a wee drizzle and a chilly breeze stop any jollity, except.... something did.... leaving the residents of this quiet town, seven thousand feet above the sea, unravelling the mystery of a perplexing death.


The Remains of Stephanie Gayle by Michael James

Stephanie Gayle simply vanished. Left her home, her children and husband; her comfortable suburban life. Disappeared without the possessions expected of those who plan to disappear. A suspicious evaporation that left children devastated, and in particular her great friend, Kirsty Foster, numbed and alarmed by Stephanie's unannounced flight.                                                                                                                    

After four years the police had conveniently put Stephanie's disappearance to bed. Kirsty wouldn't accept this, and one cold case becomes a fresh campaign when Craig Gayle is number one suspect in his wife's vanishing act.                                                 

Michael James' clever language draws in the tight net as he follows every intriguing, often squalid and despairing moment of Kirsty's search.



Romantic Fiction:


Adele by Natalie Curren

Sharon Raid, an attractive woman in her forties, falls hopelessly in love with a young salesgirl, Adele Cerny, in the departments of Bloomingdale's in New York in the 1950s.           The problem is that she is in the midst of a divorce from her husband, with custody of their six-year-old daughter Charlotte at stake.                                                 

So she has to stay away from Adele for several weeks at first.                                       

Will they succeed in reconnecting?                                                                                     

If so, how will they live their relationship afterwards?                                                      

In this novel, the author's aim was to write a magnificent love story between two women, both romantic and full of adventures.


A Flower in Chains by A. V. Hagelund

A Flower In Chains is the first book in a series about the young noblewoman Amiee Achillea. A girl who, against her will, is being held in the palace by a deranged prince.          Through torture, starvation, and continuous beatings to her pride, she comes to realize how hopeless her situation truly is. But by the help of the allies and friends she makes within the palace walls she is determined to get through to the other side and escape this nightmare.                                                                                                                   

Along the way she meets a long-lost memory and together they try to fight against the prince's tyranny.                                                                                                         

But will a delicate flower survive in the grasps of a poisonous snake?


Coffee and eClairs by Clara Conrad

Clara Conrad takes readers on a delectable journey in “Coffee and eClairs.” Indulge in this heartwarming tale of what can happen when you follow your heart. With mouthwatering descriptions and captivating characters, this delightful novel will leave you craving more. Lose yourself in the enchanting world of pastries, love and second chances as Clara weaves her magic through every page. “Coffee and eClairs” is a must-read for anyone who enjoys a sprinkle of romance and a dash of culinary delight. Experience the joy of romance and the power of following your dreams in this charming story.

e-Book ONLY


Mr King of Spades by Dixy Ghandi

Palash in his mid thirties is caught up in the hamster wheel with work, playing Spider solitaire for hours and an occasional game of squash. Yet there is one person who breaks apart Palash's tedious reality, and that is - ‘her'. She's his pronoun. They share a past, a long and intricate past which has weaved its way into their present. To move on, they must let go. But can two people so densely bound by history and unspoken feelings ever truly be apart?           

Follow Palash's journey as he leads you through his tangled history with ‘her'. From immature adolescence to regretful maturity, Palash's story grows and matures as he learns to navigate his relationship with ‘her' and find his own path in life. He relates himself to the 'King of Spades' a rational man trying to relate to the 'Queen of Hearts'.                         

Told in a memoir-esque fashion, Dixy Gandhi crafts a narrative of heartbreak and longing, interweaving between memories and the present.                                                        

Will they finally find closure as they embark on their journey towards self-discovery?


One Moment by K.G. Snow

Mysterious journalist Dominic Wolf is revered and feared by all who know his name. Notorious for his hard-hitting articles that take down corrupt politicians and companies, people know not to cross him, but very few know Dominic's real motivations behind his work. In a change of events, Dominic begrudgingly accepts a task to write an article on romance. Little does he know, this article will change lives forever.                                     

With the help of long-time friend, Colin, and new colleague, Blake, Dominic finds himself confronting tragic moments of his past and a lost love whilst on a fascinating journey of discovery. Love stories are told, new friends are made, and long-lost secrets are revealed. Is Dominic able to let go of his past, and is he as dark as he seems? And will the young, handsome Blake help Dominic see things differently? After all, it only takes that one special moment to change everything.





Black Dawn by L.A. Deskus

Born "on-ground" in a time near forgotten, O is the last of a dying breed in a post-sun era. Now the world lives underground in a state of virtual darkness. Family, light and personal choice are things of the past and Child Development Units, The Network and The Prime Objective are the new norm. With resources dangerously depleted by a lapse of the sun's energy, humanity is fragile and increasingly dependent on technology to survive. Meanwhile all power lies with a handful of global directors wielded through the UN who regulate every aspect of society with impersonal precision. With a new baby on the way and a blossoming love, O finally finds something to live for on this frigid dead world, until a trusted colleague is assassinated for trying to restore the sun. O finds himself on the run for the truth and life as he once knew it, yet something else is lurking that he never conceived.





Abraxas 2000 by Jon Spiegler

New York City in the mid-1990s:                                                                                                    

A niche subculture collapses under the weight of narcotic psychosis and magical dilettantism. The few survivors have been selected to take part in a blood-soaked ritual thirty years in the making.                                                                                                               

ABRAXAS 2000 is the secret history of the final decade of the second millennium.


Bright Green by Michael Ruocco

Twenty-eight year old Noah Green is a rocker with sound integrity and a healthy ambition to succeed in the music world. At least enough to give up his dead-end job working for a petty, micro-managing boss. In search of some inspiration Noah embarks on a personal pilgrimage to the eminent Skyway Resort, a place that has characterised the journeys of so many of his own heroes, without knowing he is about to be taken on an excursion into his own soul. From day one, Noah discovers that while boasting all the exterior trappings of a superior establishment, the lofty resort also harbors other mystical embellishments - from a room number that conceals his own birth date to doorways that lead to past trauma and paths that generously predict the future. Who is the golden-haired girl of Noah's fantasies, whose rock-sharp edge and soothing voice seem to reinforce the prevailing auspices Skyway so freely offers? Where will it all lead and most significantly, how much of it is real?


Scratch the Surface by G.R. Malowney

Get ready to dive deep into the captivating world of ‘Scratch the Surface' by G. R. Malowney. This gripping novel takes you on a thrilling journey as secrets unravel and hidden truths come to light. With masterful storytelling and richly developed characters, Malowney explores the complex layers beneath the surface of human relationships.
Prepare to be hooked from the very first page as you and Inspector Clayton Rudd uncover the mysteries that lie beneath the façade. ‘Scratch the Surface' is a must-read for anyone who loves a suspenseful and thought-provoking tale that will keep you guessing until the very end.


Second Time Around by David Kitchen

In "Second Time Around" by David Kitchen, embark on a heartwarming journey of love, success turned into loss, deceit. This novel is a tale of betrayal, and the unravelling of a family's darkest secrets. Brace yourself for a gripping journey through love, lies, and the storm that changes everything. With vivid descriptions and heart-pounding suspense, this novel will tug at your heartstrings. Get ready to be swept away by this enchanting tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat, questioning the very foundations of love, loyalty, and the masks we wear. "Second Time Around" is a must-read for anyone. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride of emotions as you join Mike on his journey.



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