At Olympia Publishers, we are releasing 88 titles this February. Below, are our Children's books, under our Bumblebee Books Imprint:


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Adventure Together by Jenna Schroeder

AVAILABLE IN BOTH PAPERBACK AND HARDBACK. Are enchanted forests real? Join this magical adventure to find out! Sail, climb and soar your way through the pages of this heartfelt tale. From a midnight sea to majestic mountains, Jenna Schroeder takes readers on the journey of a mother and child who seek out a special forest, only to find the path is as beautiful as the destination. Readers will be captivated by powerful truths and whimsical illustrations as they discover what an Adventure Together is all about!


Eugene’s Hygiene Hy-Jinks by Jesse Raspler

Eugene Finnelly wanted a day off from practicing good hygiene because he thought it was a waste of time. One school day morning, he takes action by thinking of excuses to avoid washing, brushing, and cleaning. However, as his dirty little plan unfolds, the outcome is not what he thought it would be.                                                                         

Eugene's Hygiene Hy-Jinks focuses on the importance of practicing good hygiene and self-care to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Gramma Grace and the Globe Take On… Japan by Pamela Zappia

Life is a trip and Gramma is taking Grace with her.


Grumpy Gus and the Midnight Owl by Alice Blackholly

In a burrow, deep underground, lives a grumpy Dachshund. He moans and he groans, and he huffs and he puffs. He goes by the name of Grumpy Gus.                                       

All throughout the day and all throughout the night, Grumpy Gus is alone, with no visitors in sight.                                                                                                                

Until one evening, when a worried owl looking for her lost owlets stumbles down the burrow while Grumpy Gus is sleeping.                                                                              

Will Grumpy Gus put his bad mood aside and help the owl find her owlets in the cold, dark woods?


Henry, A Maple Leaf by Regina L. McHenry

After retirement, Regina L. McHenry decided to go back to work in her local school systems as a substitute teacher. Spending time with students of all grades, from kindergarteners to seniors, helped her to realize that she loved to teach. Reading to the elementary kids stirred her imagination to try her hand at writing. Henry - A Maple Leaf came out of a trip to Tennessee. Henry has taught her that change will come to us all. How we handle change is the challenge of life.


Hugo Bear by Julie Hutt

Written in rhyme, Hugo walks into the park with his sister Sienna. She calls him 'Hugo Bear' as an affectionate nickname. Before Sienna's eyes, Hugo climbs a tree to hibernate. This story follows a community effort to coax him down.


I Made a Deal with a Seal by Emma Sidney and Kim Potter

Dive under the sea with CJ to meet her new friends, Sammy the Seal, Connie the Crab, Sagar the Seagull and Frankie the Fish.                                                                                                

CJ goes on a magical journey to learn about the impact that plastic and other waste can have on the ocean and the creatures that live there. She is inspired to help and hopes you will join her on this mission...


Maybe I’ll be a Tree by Robyn Lane

One cloudy Saturday morning, Alex sets off for a walk, looking for a place where she'll fit in. From trees to cows, she tries her best to discover her tribe, determined to find her place in the world. Along the way, with a little help from the sun, she learns to accept herself just the way she is.


Milo’s Way by Joel Anthony

A little brown bear named Milo takes a different path from the other little bears on their morning walk through the woods and this shows his friends to think outside the box and not fear the road less traveled.


No, No, No Baby Alligator! by Regan Roney

Baby Alligator is a laughable and spirited little dude. He challenges Mama Alligator frequently with his naughty and sometimes dangerous behavior. Don't worry, Mama Alligator is always nearby to keep Baby Alligator from getting into mischief. After all, that is a Mama’s job.


Not My Fault by Rob Mack

Thomas likes to solve problems and follows the rules
But one very bad week just happened at school.
Why bad things keep happening, is hard to explain.
That he might be to blame, has messed with his brain.
Is Thomas really to blame?


Quantum Queen by Siobhan McFadyen

Betty Swift is twenty-nine (and a half) and works in the Women's Royal Naval Service. The year is 1940, and her mind is on her country defeating dictator Adolf Hitler, as her job for the last year has been to report on the brutal killings carried out by Hitler's German Third Reich. Her love for God and her country keeps her going, but one day her work is disrupted in the most unexpected of ways. Her path will suddenly collide with David Blake's, a handsome man working as Raven Master at the Tower of London. They are soon to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, although they will have to figure out just where (or when) they are.                                                                                                        

A jam-packed adventure with many familiar faces and an enthralling history of Great Britain, Quantum Queen is a story about the importance of friendship and appreciating your surroundings.


Short Episodes about San Pierca by J Nub

Welcome to San Pierca, Mexico... a town in the Yucatan where residents are goodhearted and half-witted.                                                                                               

In San Pierca, Tim and his son John anticipate voyaging an inherited fishing ship to their home in Key West.                                                                                       

However, an accident forces them to remain in San Pierca, and consequently Tim cancels their voyage. Sick over the cancellation, John sneaks off to launch the ship alone ....         

Tim combs San Pierca for competent search parties, but half-witted residents make up the only search party available. The boobs bungle search efforts all over town and Tim is left wondering: Where's John?


Slope the Sloth by Martha Chengadu

Slope the Sloth lives in a large tree at the bottom of a large English country garden. Other than a handful of friends, nobody knew Slope lived in his tree, after all, who would keep a sloth in their garden? Join Slope as he navigates his way through the garden to gather his supper, but first he has to tackle the very spikey, and very wobbly monkey puzzle tree!


Sometimes I Worry by Maha El Akoum

A little boy lies awake all night.                                                                                               

His worries keep giving him a fright.                                                                             

Will he be able to chase away his fears and take back control?                                                  

By preparing and focusing on happy thoughts that make him whole?


Spider of the Rose by Evelyn Martínez Burgos

In a queendom attacked every night by a monster, its people prepare to celebrate the baptism of a child recently adopted by their prince. Thus, begins the dangerous quest of the prince to prepare for the event, uncovering dark secrets, darker than the monster itself.


Tabby’s Blanket by Roisin de Paor

Meet Tabby, Snouty and Jane in this short story and see if they find Tabby's lost blanket or not. One morning Tabby wakes up and is sad to see that her blanket has been lost somewhere. She cries and wants to get it back. Her friend, Snouty, helps her to look for it. But are their efforts in vain? Will the two friends be able to find Tabby's lost blanket?


The Atlas of Alliterative Animal Adventures by Sharon Morris

NOW AVAILABLE IN HARDBACK. This alliterative alphabet book is a fun way to learn the alphabet, hear about different animals and explore a variety of places in the world - all of this rolled up into one silly sentence that makes it enjoyable for both the reader and the listener! This book is to encourage families, teachers and children to explore language and have fun with it.


The Earl of Herries and Will by Mardi Nielsen

AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK AND HARDBACK. This is a tale of an only child and a great man in a world where flowers can sing and rabbits can talk. Join them for wonderful garden afternoon tea!


The Ungrateful Friend by Dupsy O’Neal

The Ungrateful Friend is a story of two childhood friends from different backgrounds growing up in the Victorian era in Oxfordshire England. Gwendolyn is from a well-to-do and respected family while Molly is an orphan and a farmer's child.


Whoever Told You by Grace M. Maready

Whoever Told You highlights the nostalgic moments that makes life so sweet, exciting, vast, colorful, and amazing all at once. From making snow angels to smelling the rain after a storm, this book has a page for everyone. It is just the book for an old pal, a new baby, and your imaginary friend.


Zak the Zedonk by Jenna Beckett

Zak the Zedonk is unhappy with his life at a zoo and feels different from the other animals. When he meets two young children who show him kindness, he embarks on an adventure to follow his heart and find his place in the world.