In the words of Michael Buble: “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day it’s a new life… for me, and I’m feeling good”.

It’s a new year, firstly – happy new year. Secondly, let’s get some book recommendations for you to get the new year off to the best possible start.



Day-to-Day Happiness by Beau Bridgland 


Beau Bridgland is a young, English voice actor for animation, video games, commercials, narration and more. Despite having a very happy childhood, during his time at university he developed a deep depression, severe anxiety and low self-esteem. Embarking on a relentless pursuit to overcome his debilitating difficulties, Beau has collated all the solutions as he found them. The result is a remarkable and honest ‘lifestyle manual' that almost everyone can relate to. By asking questions of himself, Beau carefully analyses the problems, compartmentalises them and turns the negatives into positive thoughts. Outlining a number of easy-to-use, practical techniques that focus on new thinking and an awareness of language, he provides a handy guide which, if followed, can help readers to find and maintain a sense of self-fulfilment and happiness.


Coming To A Head by Lonny Carey 


When everything around him began to crumble four years ago, starting with his health, Lonny Carey found himself on the ride of his life that nearly ruined his career, his marriage and his sanity. Lonny's journey has given birth to a book that is sorely needed among the church of today. Coming to a Head: A Journal about God, Stress and Super Volcanoes tackles sensitive subjects such as whether a victorious Christian can legitimately suffer from depression, anxiety, fear and stress. The book also looks at the devastation these things can do to a loving marriage and how Lonny and his wife have had to rebuild their relationship. The bite-sized chapters are intended to be a help and inspiration to those who suddenly find that life feels cruel and suffering seems endless.



Touching Souls by Janet Gabriel


‘I believe that love really is the key to a better world.' This is the true story of the life experiences of Janet Gabriel and her journey to work with spirit. Having worked very successfully in the corporate world for three decades, Jan left this life to concentrate on helping and inspiring others to get in touch with their inner souls. Inspired herself by angels and the spirit world, she talks about life, kindness and caring, relationships, behaviour, compassion, forgiveness and developing your own gift. She shares very personal experiences and asks profound questions. Her self-awareness and words of guidance are motivational in making us believe we can become better people and seeing how small changes can have such an impact on our lives and the lives of others. ‘Get in touch with your inner soul, the true you that is so wonderful, and help others to do the same.'



In the Ocean of Air by Michael W Cline 


Michael Cline had forty years of experience as a respiratory therapist. The stories which he has to tell about this life's work range from the comical and chaotic to the moving and inspiring. Cline had his eyes open for the sheer human interest in his narratives, as well as for their connection with his medical specialism. His memoir covers topics as diverse as honeymooners who carefully arrange for the supplies for their hiking trip to be dropped in by air, only to find themselves retrieving slices of bacon from the nearby woods; a karate instructor, high on angel dust, who has to be forcibly restrained by six hospital staff; and the courage and wit of lung-transplant recipients who complete remarkable triumphs over adversity. Cline's humane, wise and funny book will delight and instruct readers of all kinds and backgrounds.



The Gazebo by Emily McGlashan 


Growing up and trying to be accepted as part of a crowd when you are already in a minority, is never easy but for teenager, Lola Tarapachii, life is far more complicated than just the usual adolescent angsts. With an alcoholic mother and a severely depressed older brother, Lola has to face responsibilities far beyond her years. An unexpected fire in the school dining hall, leads to Lola making life-changing relationships with an eclectic family of youths who accept her for who she is, share her troubles and help her tackle the hardest decision she has ever had to make...