It's National Writing Day today! A day to celebrate our published authors and aspiring ones too. Not only is it a day for writers but a day to spread awareness of writing and the benefits of giving it a go! So, in the spirit of trying new things, we decided to list a few reasons to start writing today. 



Everyone has a story to tell


The best thing about working in publishing is that no two authors are the same. Every single writer we have published has a different story to tell.


Why not?


We’re all busy, of course. But writing doesn’t have to be a quick project. Some people can take 5-10 years to complete a book, start small with a page a day and see how you go!


You would be surprised how therapeutic it can be


It's right what famed writers say, writing is a drug – just without the danger. It can be incredibly detoxing and therapeutic, the art of being alone with your thoughts and letting them flow onto paper is something very special


You never know, the next best seller could be you!


There is no formula to create a best-selling author, or every publishing house would be just best sellers and there would be no struggle. Luck is a huge part, fame can begin from the right reviewer reading your book at the right time or a rare trend in the market, or a spike in sales… it can be anything and you never know, it could be you. We always say write for yourself and anything extra is a plus!


It’s a huge achievement


Even if you decide not to publish. Writing a book is a big deal. It’s a massive accomplishment and you should feel so proud afterwards. And if you do decide to go for publishing and get published, the pride that comes with that is on a whole new level. 



So, what are you waiting for, start writing now!