Pets are a huge part of some of our lives. To us, our animals are part of the family as we’re sure they are for so many others. Here at Olympia we adore our collection of books featuring furry friends, so seeing as it’s #NationalPetDay we thought we’d show a few of them off!



The Finding of Kitty Baloo 



In The Finding of Kitty Baloo, author Dicksie Moss has created a heart-warming tale in verse of a stray feline, separated from mother and sibling, who turns up at Holme Farm. There is farmer Jabez Crunk, his wife Martha and children Jacob and Lillah, who soon name her and adopt her as the farm cat.

Winter then spring, pass into summer and Kitty is growing up. During the cycle of the farming year there are delightful encounters with various farm animals - dogs, sheep, pigs and poultry - and a fearful one with a fox - and to top it all she wins first prize in the County Show Best Farm Pet competition.  A few days later a farmer neighbour comes with a big box and an even bigger surprise...
This story has a charm and innocence which will appeal to young readers.



Fred n Friends - A Seaside Adventure 



Fred the sausage dog is back for another exciting adventure!

Join Fred on his seaside adventure as he makes a whole collection of new friends in his search for Mr Crab's missing shell! Just who did steal the shell and can Fred help find it?

Keep up to date with Fred's very latest adventures!




The Life of a Greyhound Called Katy 



Life as a greyhound isn't always easy: having your injections at the age of six weeks; beginning your training for the race courses, mating with a complete stranger, and then parting with your pups. Perhaps worst of all is the possibility of getting injured at the race-track.

But, it can also be filled with joy: when you can run free in the field; when you have a litter of adorable pups; when you win your first trophy at the races, and when you know that you have found your true home with people who love and care for you.

This is the story of Katy the greyhound – a kind of ‘canine memoirs' as ‘told' by Katy herself. Heart-warming, funny and occasionally tinged with sadness, it tells of the life and loves of canine – or rather greyhound – life.




Waggy Tales 



Amble is a big, loveable, though sometimes troublesome, Golden Labrador. When Amble was kicked out of Guide Dog School and separated from his no-doubt disappointed family, he felt so scared. Luckily, he found a new home at the Big-House-On-The-Hill with Mrs Poser, his owner, who is his favourite thing! His other favourite things include sleeping, travelling in the car, the pond, and of course... FOOD! Why don't you join him on his exciting adventures with his friends Badger, Magic, Wafter and Teaser? That really would be his favourite thing!




What are you doing to celebrate #NationalPetDay today?  If you're interested in getting yourself a copy of one of our animal books, we have a whole section of them here!