World music day, is a time to celebrate music in all of its forms. We all enjoy music in some way, be it on our Ipods, CDs or Vinyl’s. But many also find a lot of joy in music books. We have always adored music books, and today is a great excuse to show off some of our favourites.




A Song for the Silence by Robert Brown





Tommy is a fifty-something former pop star. He has lost everything and now lives with his elderly mum in South London. When he meets Natalie, a PR guru, he sees his chance to resurrect his career. With the help of amateur songwriter, Max, they set out to make an album. This is the story of unfinished business and new beginnings.




24 Hour Party People by Tony Wilson



If you're a fan of new wave or rock. You're going to love this one. In 2002 a film was released from the book starring Steve Coogan. Starting in 1976 in Manchester, Anthony Wilson is a TV presenter at one of the first sex pistol gigs, inspired they set up their own record label who manage to have huge names such as Joy Division and New Order with them - the whole book follows Anthony on his journey with the record label, starting a club and delving into the music trends that follow.




David Bowie: A Life by Dylan Jones



If you want a highly researched book, this is a great one. Dylan Jones's biography of David Bowie was sourced from almost 200 interviews with the people in Bowie's life - the good and bad. Starting from his early life in England and following him with his success worldwide. Aside from his immeasurable talent and works - a great deal of Bowies hypnotic appeal came from the mystery behind the music - rarely giving anything away about his personal life, this is a truly remarkable insight into a David Bowie many may have never seen before.




Mistress Magic by Janet Lee



Janine, lead singer of Mistress, is a teacher with a taste for leather mini-skirts and thigh-length boots. The band are doing well, but strange things continue to happen at their performances. Where does the illuminated running man come from? The lighting man doesn't know - and who operates the smoke machine when all of the band are occupied? Whatever the explanation, strange things happen when Mistress plays. The floating audience and spaceship lights at their amazing Manchester stadium gig makes them both famous and notorious, as much for the ‘special effects' as the music. It also gets them banned. Then Janine meets Dion, lead singer of Son of Gabriel and life changes altogether. The new band is happy with the magical phenomena and their success seems assured, but Dion's dark underside is starting to show. Will he, Janine and the band last? Will the magic stay with them? And - where does it come from?




Which of these do you want to read, or do all seem appealing?