We recently received a wonderful review from Elephant Family, for our lovely new book, Mulonga, the Lost Elephant. Have a look at their more in-depth review, below!





"Family is everything to elephants. The bonds they form and the care they receive from the wider herd are key to their survival. Siân's book follows the story of a young elephant calf called Mulonga who loses her family and is left frightened and alone. Luckily, she is rescued by a fantastic team that dedicate their lives to rehabilitating and returning orphan elephants to the wild. 


Stories like Mulonga's are happening every day across Africa and Asia, and although the cost of rescue and rehabilitation is high, both in terms of the human and financial commitment, what we really liked about the book was that the main focus of the story remained on Mulonga and her need to be part of the herd. Understanding that important dynamic and how the herd plays a vital role in shaping the environment for all of us are lessons we should all learn. We hope that Mulonga's story will shine a spotlight on the plight of elephants and help a younger generation understand and, more importantly, care."





We’d like to send a huge thank you to Elephant Family. You can also help them in the great work they do by donating, subscribing or leaving a legacy here! It’s for a wonderful cause.



If you like the sound of Mulonga, and you would like to read it for yourself, you can also read it here.