This week we took a look at our new book, Mub and Grub and Their Amazing Adventure by Samantha Morris. We also took a look at the stars of the story and why they're so special! 



Mub and Grub are a pair of adventurous slugs who leave their flowerpot home to explore the world beyond the garden where they live. Making their way across the road (without getting squished!) they go to visit the park, where they meet some other slugs and discover other treasures where they live. Grub also meets a kind boy, Nicholas, who likes slimy creatures and wants some pet slugs to share his garden, despite his mother's misgivings. 


When they arrive in Nicholas' garden, Mub and Grub meet some more new slugs and other animals, in the lovely home that Nicholas has built especially for his slippery new pets. 

Will Nicholas get his way? Will the slugs like their new home, or return to the old one? Will they like their new neighbours? 

A charming tale for nature-loving children, showing slugs in a whole new friendly light.



On the subject of slugs, here are some facts that we didn’t know about these fascinating creatures.




Slugs don’t get a particularly good wrap. They’re known as a pest because they like to munch on the crops and plants we grow.





They are related to snails but aren’t, as some think, just snails without a shell. They have a mantle, which would grow into a shell if they were a snail.





Slugs can squeeze into small places, hence why they have developed without shells. That way they can easily find small, damp places to rest. They don’t have any bones so they can make themselves long and thin.





They actually have around 2700 teeth called ‘denticles’.





They are slow, just as slow as snails and usually travel at around 1 metre an hour.





Snails can also reproduce themselves, so don’t need a mate. There are very few animals in the world that can do that!





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