We’ve seen a lot of mother’s day gift recommendations, reading lists and books featuring strong mother figures. But we haven’t seen any posts, as of yet, featuring real mothers.


We want to talk about the mothers we know. The ladies who have juggled running a household, cooking (not to stereotype), raising a child or children AND being a published author! Now, we think that is worth mentioning and featuring, and that’s just what we’re going to do! We’re proud to introduce some of our published mothers!




Helmi Wolff



Wilhelmina Helmi Wolff was born in Holland before World War Two, the youngest of seven children. She was educated there before moving to Oxford as an au pair in 1953 where she started her career in medicine as a specialised nurse. She later fulfilled her ambition as an artist. She is married with three children. Her family encouraged her to write this book which is based on facts and real situations. Her book The Girl Who Knew Too Much is out now!




Christa Edwards



Christa Edwards was born in 1926 in Hanover, Germany. As a child she lived through the dark war years, then married a member of the Control Commission Germany, who later joined the Diplomatic Service. The happiest thirty-five years of her long and fascinating life were spent in North Devon. She has two children, four grandchildren and two great grandchildren. A great lover of nature, wildlife and animals, her hobbies include dogs, surfing, writing and painting. She has recently returned to live and work in Germany. The Zizi Stories is out now along with her newest release They Call Me Barney. Click here to have a look at both incredible books.



Jean Daish 



Jean Daish was born in Leeds and is the wife of a Royal Air Force Officer. Along with son Andrew and daughter Susannah, the family became used to moving throughout Great Britain and overseas. Cornwall was home for several years. Inspired by the birth of her first of four grandchildren sixteen years ago, Jean attended a writing course and began writing short stories, articles and poetry for children. Operation Pied Piper is her first book followed by Operation Dynamo which was released in 2016. Following twenty-seven house moves during their time with the RAF, Jean and her husband are now settled in Buckinghamshire.




Tammy Johnston 



Tammy Johnston was so determined to be a 'work from home mother' she took it upon herself to set up her own business specialising in personalising children's furniture. In the little spare time she had, Tammy began writing children's books as well as illustrating them - combining her two great loves. 'She's in her own little world', is what Tammy's parents heard at most parents’ meetings and this story tell us she was. Much of her childhood was spent on a farm in Dorset surrounded by woodland and animals which have undoubtedly been the inspiration behind this tale. Tammy currently resides in Wiltshire with her husband and three children. Now this is a lady we admire. Tammy is currently working on her second book with us, all-while looking after a new-born baby! Woman of the year goes to…




Nicki Todd



Nicki was born in West Yorkshire – so by nature knows how to make a good cup of tea. She left school at sixteen and went to beauty school to become a makeup artist. She then moved to modelling as well as working as a legal secretary – she sat some exams and eight years later qualified as a solicitor. She met her prince charming and has been married to him for fifteen years. She currently lives near York and has two wonderful children. 



Angela O' Donnell 



Last but not least, we had to mention Angela O’Donnell. Sometimes, you don’t need to have a child to be a mother. And we can speak from experience that a dog can be just as much work as a baby. Not only has Angela raised and nurtured the adorable Fred, she was also inspired to write an entire children’s book series based on his delightful ways! 




We hope you enjoyed our ‘Mother Spotlight’ this week in honour of Mother’s day, until next time!   



Before we go... Just one more picture of Fred we think!