4.5/5 Stars 


An interesting take on the usual YouTube book. This particular one coming from his mother’s P.O.V, so its jam packed full of dirty secrets that Casper would likely not want to share!

*It’s edited by Casper however, quite hilariously too.*


There are many serious aspects to his book as well as the humour, that run through every page giving a perfect balance to the mixture.

It’s an insight into Casper’s life that you wouldn’t find from simply watching his YouTube videos.

A funny and insightful life-tale (well the 22 years he has been living) if you’re a fan of Casper this is a must have!


Our personal favourites were ‘Water Babies’ – Casper’s lolly winning adventure AND ‘What happened in Vegas’ – Or should we say, Pizza city.

Overall, even if you’re not a fan of Casper or quite frankly, have no idea who he is, it’s an incredibly enjoyable read!


Thankyou to Penguin Random House for sending us the review copy.