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MJ Martin - The Author Series

MJ Martin is to appear via YouTube, Amazon Prime and Braw TV amongst a number of high-profile names, Stephen Gillen (The Monkey Puzzle Tree), Wendy Andrew (How to cope with Pet Loss), Billy Hayes (Midnight Express), and US star Whoopi Goldberg (The Unqualified Hostess)
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Now, here's a little more information about MJ Martin and her book: 


M. J Martin is a Future 100 Award-Winning Scottish writer and producer. She grew up in the crime-ridden North Glasgow suburb of Springburn, drafting her inspiration from the surrounding chaos and deprivation.

Beginning with a love of music, M.J became a self-taught and accomplished musician. Her band Eric and the Bunny Boilers enjoyed various successes.

M.J wrote TV series Ninety Eight Percent, later co-founding the multi-award-winning production company Bad Pony Media.

Evil Is, is M. J's first novel.

M.J is a passionate advocate of mental health and LGBTQ+ equality. She currently lives with life-long friends and pets in Glasgow.


When Frances Thames discovers she is terminally ill, it prompts her to divulge the secrets of her life. She begins a journal, intending to set right the wrongs of her past. Beginning in her childhood, she takes us on a heart-wrenching journey. All the while, she struggles to come to terms with her illness and continues to hide the truth from her daughter and two grandsons, who know nothing of her past. 
The horrific abuses of her parents set the stage for a tale of survival, destruction, and fate. We meet young Frances and her five siblings as they struggle through their cruel existence on the stale setting of their run-down family farm in 1950's Aberdeen. 
The siblings plan their escape but will it be in time to stop them becoming the very things they are running from?



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