Today is Grief Awareness day, a day to try to understand what those who are going or have gone through grief feel and also a day to help anyone who is currently experiencing a hard time with the loss of a loved one. There are many difficulties that come along with loosing someone and The Greif Awareness Day team aim to help as many as they can tomorrow, if you are going through a period of grief or know someone who is struggling, please check out their Facebook group, here:



One of our acclaimed authors, Mary Briggs, recently recently a book of poetry to help those who are going through the pain and struggle of grief, here is a short segment from her book:





And I think I will
Have to get through tomorrow And tomorrow’s tomorrow – After I’ve got through tonight, And it’s still only five.

And I think I will,
Rest? Be active and restless, And not get up at six
To leave night panic behind, And it’s still only six.

And I think I will
Have to get through tonight’s Night, one hour at a time Start planning from now, From seven to seven.

And I think I will
Have half hours of mourning; So next morning and then
A night – and after a night, Starting at eight.

And I think I will
Leave tomorrow to take Shape in the cemetery, Or shops or memories of School bedtimes at nine.


And I think I will
Fast forward to the day
After tomorrow with definite Plans that stop the night Looming from ten.

So now I will have
To hope for a real rest,
Not hear your footfall
Or see your quiet, ill figure
As I settle at eleven.
And thus I will have
To shut eyes on nearly moving Shadows that scare me with
The death drawn across loss
In the broken world of midnight.



If what you just read helped you, the full book is available here!