We recently released the wonderful, Love Stories from College by G P Loehr. This second collection by the author of You and the Moon, the Sun and the Stars deals with the pain of young love in all its anguished forms, be it falling in love with a friend, or the sadness of your first love telling you they no longer love you: not to mention the dangers of late nights and alcohol combined with love.

Reading Loehr’s work gave us a flashback to our own education and the highs and lows that come with that, so we thought we would list a few things we miss and do not miss about college!



DO NOT MISS: Homework. Yes, obvious but come on. Most of us are lucky enough to leave work and work. School, you can never do that.


MISS: Social Life – At school, you’re always talking to people. You get to see your friend between periods, lunch and in-between. It’s something a lot of people really miss.


DO NOT MISS: Studying – another obvious one. The stress of having to cram in as much as you can without going insane. Finding methods that work for you and the awful realisation that you have just studied from 3 hours and can’t remember a thing about what you were trying to remember.


MISS: Not as many Worries – At school, you are worried about one major thing. Passing. There are other things that can of course affect many such as bullying too. But for the most part, school is known as the good times as you don’t have the stress of bills, cars, houses and many other stressful and downright boring adult things.


DO NOT MISS:  Not fitting in – when you get a little older, people stop caring about what is ‘in’ or how you dress, who you hang out with etc. But it is like you’re under a microscope at college and will likely get bullied if you’re anything other than normal, and let’s be honest, who is normal?


MISS: You get long breaks off – At work, you get your holidays, you get some time off at Xmas. But nothing compares to school holidays, and 6 weeks break for summer – could you imagine if we had that now!



MISS: Growing up – you have many of your firsts at college. Your first relationship, first alcoholic drink, first car, first time living alone. It’s an exciting and new time for many!



G P Loehr's book is heart-wrenching, bittersweet or just plain sad, the feelings are common to us all and revisiting them here is an experience in sentiment and memory, to say nothing of the reminder of the well-known hidden dangers of the Drunk Txt!


Grab yourself your own copy, here: https://olympiapublishers.com/books/love-stories-from-college