We're halfway to our next publication day already, so we thought we'd catch you up with some books from July that you may have missed. 

Debra Massey- "Life Beyond Lanyards"

Having had a successful career as a head teacher, Debra Massey decided to retire and look for her next challenge. She realised that she had to embrace the next chapter of her life and seek out new challenges beyond the job she had loved and the lanyard it represented.

Using her own story, and the stories of others as inspiration, Debra Massey dives into the different kinds of career changes that can occur and the challenges that may come about from taking such a leap. Life Beyond Lanyards reflects on experiences including planned and forced retirement, moving to a new country, changing careers, giving up a lucrative career to pursue a life-long dream and more.

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Saja Ibrahim- "In the Wake of Change"

Growing up in Saudi Arabia as a woman, Layla struggled to develop her own womanhood in a place where her desires must be concealed and regulated. Marriage is essential, and yet her own feelings must be tempered for a successful union that would please her family. Torn between love and disobedience, Layla's youth is filled with the heart-aching trials and tribulations of dating, and her discovery of her own place in society. Now a wife and mother, Layla must balance that struggle in a society everchanging, and opening up to world less burdened by stifling norms.

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Tyler Preneta- "The Creature Without a Voice"

In a world torn apart by a monstrous parasite, Alexandria, a young girl leading a previously unenthusiastic life, finds herself unwillingly forced into this conflict with the world around her. Her friends and family have all died, and the everyday people who surround her have gone mad with twisted ideals. 

The one light she does still have is a man named Donnie. He saved her from death and seems kind, but even he is unable to escape the demons of the world. In this grueling and unforgiving tale of struggle and sacrifice, Alex must learn how to survive and overcome the death that surrounds her, all while trying to understand the new ways of the world.

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Paddy- "Further Confessions of a Captain's Addiction"

The second book in the journey of PAddy'sy life. Battling seas and bullsh*t. Trying to balance a professional career as a ship's captain whilst involved deeply in drugs and crime and prisons. Upsetting and hurting most people that he came across on a personal level. His journey in battling and beating his addictions. Breaking free once and for all.


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Holden Reyes- "Inside the Dark"

Inside the Dark is Holden Reyes first published collection of poetry. In this candid and melancholy oeuvre, Reyes confesses his struggles with finding his own identity in a confusing and lonely society, steeped in restricting norms. Creatively experimenting with formatting and layout, Reyes sparse and scattered verse reflects the emptiness of anxiety and depression that threatens to consume many of its sufferers.

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