We love to be organised, or we like to think we are organised. Who will admit to buying a journal and not actually putting anything in it? I will put my hands up and admit that that is me! So I thought I would do a bit of research and find some gorgeous journals that will just call to you every day!


This journal is a goals journal. It will hopefully help you achieve all the things you want to achieve however big or small. You will have these achievements documented forever and that is pretty cool. I just love the colourful sky background to this, it has a really peaceful look to it. (£5)




The idea of this one is the write something down every day, it could be anything. From eating a really delicious breakfast that you have to write down, to achieving something big at work. The garish cover means it won’t be well hidden on your shelf! (on sale at the moment for £5)





‘Escape the ordinary’ is what is written on the front of this journal and we love it, a really basic cover but it works. The inside is just lined paper, so you have freedom to write whatever you want in it. Perfect to keep on your desk and write your thoughts whenever they pop in your mind. (£26.95)





kikki.K has some gorgeous journals which is why we have had to link the entire journal page! We did pick one to highlight though, and it was this ‘Work Smarter: Live Better Journal’ (£21)

On the website underneath features, it says:

Learn how to (in 6 tabs):
• Create more efficient and effective work habits
• Say goodbye to time-wasters
• Create a filing system that works for you
• Get clear on your top priorities and high-impact tasks
• Use Microsoft Outlook as a time and task management tool
• Make time for you and your wellbeing


I think this is a first rate journal to help you with work in 2017.

Click here for the entire journal range from kikki.K




This journal is the mother (or father) of all journals. It is an envelope wrap refillable journal. Encased in brown leather and customisable this journal will set you back between £90 and £125 but oh it’s so pretty! You can also get it gift wrapped and I have to say, if I was gifted this journal, I would not complain! 


Hopefully I have given you a good idea of what journals you can purchase, it’s never too late! I think I am going to buy them all (well, maybe have to wait and save up for the Aspinal one!)