This week we had the pleasure of interviewing the fantastic, Angela O' Donnell, author of the incredible childrens book series 'Fred 'n' Friends' onto the 3rd book now! 


1) Angela, how are you!


Very well thanks and so is Fred!


2) So, how old is Fred now?


Fred turned 5 in February.


3) What made you decide to get a puppy?


When I grew up we always had a family dog so it was a natural progression for me to get one once I was settled and able to dedicate time to a new puppy.


4) Is Fred always as charming as he’s made to be in the books? Are they a true insight into Fred’s life?


Well, he is quite a sociable dog in real life and does make a lot of friends! However, the majority of the stories do come from the imagination - I’m not sure how Fred would get on with a crab in the flesh?!


5) What drew you towards a Dachshund?


Although notoriously stubborn by nature, they make incredibly loving pets. I also knew he would be coming into my studio everyday, so he is a perfect size to not frighten some of our clients!


6) Did you have an urge to write before you got Fred?


It has always been a dream ever since I was little. I was a total book worm from such an early age and inspired by the likes of Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton.


7) Was there any hesitation before approaching a publisher?


Not really no. If you have put the words down on paper and got them to a point you are happy with, then you have to have belief in your project.


8) When you’re writing, do you have a picture in mind for the illustrations or are they thought of afterwards?


As I am writing I can visualise Timms illustrations coming to life through the words. But even during this process, when Timm sends his  final illustrations back to me, they are better than I could ever have hoped!


9) In your opinion, what is the most rewarding factor about writing a book(s)?


Seeing other people take enjoyment through your words. With Fred ‘n’ Friends it has been a real journey watching the children engage with Fred. I think I picked a very interesting and popular subject matter!


10) If you could offer any advice to budding authors?


Don’t be afraid and to get your words down on paper. Show as many people as possible. Take advice from everyone. Approach authors, writing clubs, bloggers etc and ask for help. You’ll be amazed how many will.


11) Can you sum up your experience with Olympia Publishers in a sentence?


Very personable and friendly team who go out of their way to advise and help.


Look out for Angela, Fred and Friends on her social medias. A daily dose of Fred and day certainly keeps the blues away!