Today marks the 50th anniversary of International Literacy Day!

We don’t have to go into detail about how vital having a good education is, many of us are lucky enough to have gone to school, college and university! Unfortunately, we do still live in a world where 1 in 5 people cannot read or write.

The World Literacy Foundation 2016 has launched their campaign titled: ‘The Sky’s The Limit’ the aim to engage students by a digital learning platform. The ultimate aim is to end illiteracy.

You can donate to this fantastic cause, here:

On a lighter note, we thought it would be fun to make a list of the 10 most commonly misspelled words, you never know, it could come in handy when writing that all important email to your boss!


1) Misspelling: accomodate, 
Correct spelling: accommodate
(Tip: two cs, two ms)

2) Misspelling: beleive or belive
Correct spelling: believe
(Tip: i before e)

3) Misspelling: embarass
Correct spelling: embarrass
(Tip: two rs, two s’s)

4) Misspelling: glamourous
Correct spelling: glamorous
(Tip: -mor- in the middle)

5) Misspelling: incidently
Correct spelling: incidentally
(Tip: ends with -ally)

6) Misspelling: knowlege
Correct spelling: knowledge
(Tip: remember the d)

7) Misspelling: millenium, millenia
Correct spelling: millennium, millennia
(Tip: double l, double n)

8) Misspelling: persistant
Correct spelling: persistent
(Tip: ends with -ent)

9) Misspelling: religous
Correct spelling: religious
(Tip: ends with –gious)

10) Misspelling: supercede
Correct spelling: supersede
(Tip: ends with -sede)


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