April 22nd is world earth day. Possibly one of the most important days of the year. Every day, on earth day, millions celebrate our world and highlight what can be done to upkeep our beautiful planet. This year’s earth day is dedicated specifically to plastic pollution. A huge problem that is causing the death of so many animals and the deterioration of our natural environment. If anyone saw the last episode of ‘Blue Planet’, you’ll hopefully be very aware of how damaging plastic pollution is.


We wanted to showcase some books that have been written with the earth in mind – they might even give you some inspiration in things you can do, or enlighten many to the problems we face.





Silent Spring by Rachel Carson



Now recognized as one of the most influential books of the twentieth century, Silent Spring exposed the destruction of wildlife through the widespread use of pesticides. Despite condemnation in the press and heavy-handed attempts by the chemical industry to ban the book, Rachel Carson succeeded in creating a new public awareness of the environment which led to changes in government and inspired the ecological movement. It is thanks to this book, and the help of many environmentalists, that harmful pesticides such as DDT were banned from use in the US and countries around the world.




Bee and Me by Alison Jay



We hear much about the plight of the bumble bee population and its implications for our planet's future. This beautiful picture book makes the story personal and brings a message of hope. A little girl befriends a bee, which takes her on a journey of discovery. Alison Jay's original artwork points out what a sad world it would be without bees.




How To Read Water: Clues & Patterns from Puddles to the Sea  by Tristan Gooley



A must-have book for walkers, sailors, swimmers, anglers and everyone interested in the natural world, in How to Read Water, Natural Navigator Tristan Gooley shares knowledge, skills, tips and useful observations to help you enjoy the landscape around you.




Magical Journeys in the Night-Time Biba Britas



Are we destroying the planet? Is it too late for the Earth? Is there another planet that humanity could move to - or should we simply take better care of this one? George sets off on a series of magical night-time journeys to find the answers to these questions, and he won't stop until he's got them.




So, there’s some books revolving around our environment! Each of the above will give any reader an insight into a change that needs to be made.