Today is international women’s day, and to celebrate we have chosen a few of the many inspirational women authors.


J. K. Rowling


J. K. Rowling, real name Joanne Rowling, is well known for the Harry Potter series. After many rejections she finally sold the book Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.

Before her book was a sensation, she was a single parent struggling to support her daughter and herself on welfare. She is an inspirational woman because she started with nothing, but didn’t give up.


Beetrix Potter  


Helen Beetrix Potter is well known for The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

She never went to school but did have an art teacher, because she loved to draw and paint. Although she had been rejected by many publishers she didn’t give up, in fact she decided to publish it herself. After the instant success she was approached by a publishing company that had previously rejected her. She proved that you can have success if you keep pursuing your dream and never give up.



Jane Austen  


Jane Austen is known for the book Pride and Prejudice. Jane published her book anonymously,  as female writers were often considered lude and indiscreet.

Jane is an inspiration for women’s rights, she has proved women writing about women can be a success. She was one of the first women authors to suggest women marry for love and not for money or increased social standing.