We recently received a wonderful review from Liz Wright for the five-star rated, If Only I'd Listened by Claire Boley. Have a look at their more in-depth review, below!


Review by Liz Wright: 


This should be required reading for anyone under the age of 50 - being a teenager was so different back in this period - you were expected to be an adult yet also behave like a child, doing what your elders and betters (!) possibly told you to do. As well as being a page turning story, it captures a slice of time so accurately that if you ever wanted to know what was like growing up in the sixties, this novel will put you right there.

I often hear it described as an exciting time, swinging sixties, everything was buzzing but in the London suburbs as a child it felt like everything was happening somewhere else. The greyness of the fifties still prevailed and the small mindedness persisted but the magic of the sixties I think came much much later as various factors came together to allow many people to live their lives more honestly.

Well worth reading.


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