Reading can be hard, finding books you like and finding the time to read can be a mission. But, reading should be put at the forefront of everybodies mind and you should all be doing it. After writing up a blog post on why it was so important, we decided we would write up five ways to help you read more, so for you non-readers out there, this is for you.


1. Go to a library and take out books there. This way you can read loads and not be committed to keeping the book. If you like the book, then you can go and buy it and enjoy it lots more.


2. Find a quiet place to read where you can really concentrate. If you struggle to focus when there are distractions, then go to your bedroom or find a quiet space in a library or bookshop. This should help by not giving you brain anything else to think about.


3. Start with a book that you already know the story line to. This way you don’t have to focus all your energy into imagining the storyline and the characters, you already feel at home with it. If you’ve watched the film of the book, you may even find some differences that you enjoy!


4. Go back and re-read pages. We all do it, get to the end of a page and realise we zoned out a bit and need to go back and read it again to cement the ideas in our brain. Sometimes you find out information that is shocking or exciting and re-reading the page is a way of solidifying the information.


5. Keep reading. If you find a book you don’t like, that is okay! Most people find that. Don’t stop reading though, find a different book to try and enjoy. Finding the genre you like is such a fun activity, it takes a while, but in that time you really learn to enjoy reading and you appreciate all the hard work that goes into these authors works.


We hope these five ways will help you to get reading a bit more!