Giving up chocolate for the year? Joining a gym? These are all very common, and of course, very good resolutions that many make each year. But we’re looking at the writers and authors out there, many people tailor their new year’s resolutions to their careers, so we thought we would suggest some helpful resolutions for those who write!  



Write a Page a Day


It’s very common to get out of the routine of writing. This normally happens when too much time passes between writing and you forget where to begin, start to panic, and lose confidence.

Writing at least one page a day eliminates that risk. Even if it’s writing a short story, or some thoughts and feelings you’re having, it’s an excellent exercise regardless.


Don’t Force it


A very wise person once told me to think of every word as a pound or dollar, and you’re trying to save as much money as possible. So try and cut down on the words, you don't always need to go into huge detail. Short and sweet is always the way forward!  Just because you’re doing right by writing, doesn’t mean you should keep everything you write. Doing multiple drafts of your work is very normal.


Listen to Advice


If someone reads your work, or multiple people read your work and offer similar comments, listen to them! Without readers you have no career. So if they offer constructive criticism, don’t be too vain to change for the better. Learn!


Speak to Other Authors/Writers


Being a writer is a very unique profession. Take advice from people with experience in your field, you’d be surprised how much you could learn!


Think of Writing as a Hobby Before a Career


Fewer than 90% of books are successful. Not to say yours wouldn’t be, but just like you should always have a back up plan in life, think of writing as a hobby. Don’t rely on it as a career. If you make enough money to quit your day job, that’s amazing! Perhaps take a year off to pursue your dream! But just how there are many talented musicians who will never have that number one single, the same sometimes goes for writers.


Spend Time Researching


There is nothing more off-putting than reading incorrect facts in a book. Read a variety of books, spend some time doing further research, checking facts!


Find a good environment


Don’t get distracted. Focus when you write! Don’t have the TV on, or loud music, or be around a bunch of very noisy people.  Have a bottle of water next to you so you don’t have to keep getting up. Maybe relocate to a quite café.