Reading the Website


Our website has all the do’s and don’ts written in detail on the submissions page. As well as handy tips.


Submit in the way that best suits you!


There are 3 ways to submit to us – by post, by email or by our submissions form, by email or by post. We do recommend digitally as it saves on paper, it’s cheaper for you and far faster.


Check your grammar


One thing that’s very overlooked is grammar. You could have written the best novel of all time, but may be rejected due to bad grammar.


Choosing the right samples


We ask for 3 chapters in general. Most automatically send 3 random chapters, but it’s far more effective to have a look through your manuscript and choose the 3 things that best reflect your work.


Be careful of double spacing


It’s a pet hate of ours to see double spacing in manuscripts. Please try and stay away from them.


Looking at the hits & misses


We’re taking about what’s popular. Have a look at the current best sellers list, see what’s in demand. Have a look at similar genres or stories and look how they’ve done.


Looking at the genre


We unfortunately do not accept scientific submissions so please refrain from sending us anything from them.


Limit Emails


There’s a 3-4 weeks’ time frame from sending a submission to hearing back from us. We received hundreds of submissions every week, so it can take sometime. So please understand this and try not to email us on a daily basis or every hour – yes, this has happened.


Consider setting up an email address


Life is much easier for both parties when there’s an easy way to contact. Emails are fast, eco-friendly and cheaper. Also, once your book is in marketing signing and interviews will be set up. So, some of these can be short notice, so a fast measure of communications can be very important.


And lastly be patient and polite


Trust us, politeness gives a long way – this also goes for us too. And, have fun! It’s an exciting process.