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Gul Ozseven’s poetry reading in Bodrum architecture library

The poet Gul Ozseven’s poetry reading in Bodrum architecture library, Turkey (september 2018):



Bodrum is a small town in South-east Turkey by the Aegean sea, which is a well-known tıurist resort during the summers and an intellectual elite’s abode all year long.

Bodrum Architecture Library is situated in central Bodrum and hosts many artistic events and lectures throughout the year. The poet Gul Ozseven’s poetry reading took place on Saturday, 16th September at 7 pm in this library. The event consisted of four parts:



1. In the first part Miss Ozseven read a collection of her poems from her two poetry books published this year. Her first poetry books called is ‘Very Short Stories’ (Austin Macauley Publishers,2018) and her second book is called ‘Story Poems, Love Poems’ (Olympia Publishers, 2018).


2. In the second part, the poet made a little speech in Turkish about how she first started writing poetry, her awards, and talked about the adventure of publlishing her two books. She said she is writing poetry ever since her high-school years (1983 onwards) and that she starting writing in English ever since her student years in Bryn Mawr College, Philadephia. USA (1988-1990). Her awards include a commemoration she received in the Open International Scottish Poetry Competition  during her MA year in England (1993).


3. In the third part, there was a question-answer section when she answered questions from the audience, mainly asking about her poetic influences. She said Shakespeare and Emily Dickenson were among her idols throughout her life.


4. In the last part, there was wine and refreshments in the garden of the Library.


The first three parts, including the poetry reading took about 45 minutes. Later in the garden, there was more mingling between the poet and her audience.



Get yourself a copy of her book, here! 

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