It's that time of year again! Decorations, presents, just maybe a little too much food... Christmas is upon us and the countdown has officially begun! (though we know you were counting all the way back in October...)


It's an even more magical time of the year for the children, and what better way to get them in the festive spirit than to get them reading some wonderful christmas books!


That's why in this blog we will be sharing some of our top children's christmas books!





Elmo's Christmas Tail is an enchanting children's story, based around the magic of Christmas. With beautifully illustrated pictures, it is the perfect Christmas read for any child and parent.

Elmo is a kind-hearted little mouse who is given a magical tail from the moon for being so caring. The animals in his village become jealous so pull his tail off and cast him away. With nowhere to go, and no one to turn to, Elmo is alone. On his journey to seek refuge he meets other animals who turn their back and laugh at his misfortune. The moon takes pity on Elmo and punishes them for being so mean. Find out what happens to the other animals. Discover if Elmo and the other animals will become friends or if he will end up alone on Christmas day.





On Christmas Eve, when the house is still and quiet the Christmas Tree decorations come to life! Follow the journey of a little Snowman trying to get to his best friend the Christmas Tree Fairy before Christmas Day morning. 

Encouraged along the way by Santa, a toy soldier and an ice skater.
Can he reach the top of the tree before sunrise, before he transforms back into an ordinary Christmas tree decoration.




Have you ever wondered how Santa Claus knows who is naughty and who is nice?
How could he possibly know? How could he watch every child?
Well, he doesn't.
You have probably never heard of them, but Santa uses these magic little creatures called Gorbals to create his Naughty or Nice list.
They hide in your Christmas tree and around your home and keep a close eye on you and your family.

Now sit down, maybe grab a cup of cocoa, and join me on a journey as we read about pure magic. Together, we can learn all about Gorbals and how they help make Christmas happen.






Did you know that Santa Claus not only exists - he has a twin! One lives at the North Pole with his wife and elves, working hard all year to make toys for the children of the Northern Hemisphere. His twin brother lives an identical existence at the South Pole and does the same for the children of the Southern Hemisphere. Because the population of the Southern Hemisphere is smaller than the Northern Hemisphere, the South Pole Santa and his elves work for only half the year and holiday for the other six months.
Year after year this system had worked. This year things were different. The South Pole Santa was not happy. Christmas may have to be cancelled. Can the reindeer, elves and an Arctic tern called Alba Tross save the day?





Barney B is a well-meaning child but has a chaotic superhero alter ego...

Mr Super Santa Man! He tries to help his friends out of their awkward situations but with disastrous consequences including flying trucks, giant bees and nappy wearing monkeys! Thankfully his sister is there as his secret angel sidekick to put things right and his good intentions are rewarded when Father Christmas himself makes an appearance! 


These are but a few of the amazing books we have for this Christmas... Why not stop over by our Rudolph's Reads section and take a look?