With many still working at home, routines have quickly disappeared. One very important one being having breakfast! To encourage everyone to enjoy their most important meal of the day, here are some of our delicious suggestions! 



Smashed Avo on toast





- 2 slices of any bread (seeded or wholemeal preferred)

- Tablespoon of Nutritional Yeast

- Pinch of salt

- 1 Avocado

- A few cherry tomatoes

- 1 shallot or ¼ a small onion

- 1 clove of garlic

- Squeeze of lime

- Spinach

- 2 eggs


First, we make the smash avocado. Cut your avocado in half, hit the pip with a knife and twist to remove. Cut the avocado in half again and peel (cutting it again helps it to peel easier)


Smash the avocado in a bowl with a fork. Add some chopped onion/shallot, chopped garlic, 1 cherry tomato chopped very small (or a bit of a normal tomato). Then finish by stirring in the salt, yeast and lime. You can add a dash of pepper if you like too, or some cayenne pepper and paprika if you like it spicy!


Pop two eggs in a pan for two fried eggs, you can also scramble the eggs or poach them (top tip for poached, add 1 tsp of vinegar to a pan of boiling water and stir the water like a whirlpool, drop your eggs in turn off heat, cover pan, set timer for 4 minutes and done)


Get your bread all toasty and add a layer of fresh spinach, add your avocado then eggs and then finish with a sprinkle of salt or chilli flakes!






The Best Scrambled eggs you’ll ever eat.





- 3 free-range eggs (burnford brown ones are amazzzeee but any free-range will do)

- Alpro Soya Single Cream

- 1 tablespoon of Salty Butter

- Salt to Serve


Very easy, mix your eggs, add about 50ml of soya cream and the butter in a jug and cook until it looks almost done. Transfer the scrambled eggs to a plate and sprinkle on some salt and there you have it!



Japanese Breakfast






- 3 thin sausages (chipolatas)

- 2 eggs

- Spring onions

- Rice

- Soya sauce

- Rice Vinegar

- Any veg you like, if you want it ( we usually have Pak choi or spinach)

- (mirin, only if you have it)

- (Seaweed also optional)



Cook your sausages and rice until they’re done.


Fill a pan with a tiny bit of boiling water from the kettle, you’ll want it to cover half of the eggs. Add eggs when water is boiling and cover. Set timer for 6 mins. Take them out and put them in cold water for 1-2 mins. Peel eggs. Cut in half and you’ll have the perfect soft-boiled eggs.


Chop your spring onion and sprinkle over the rice, sausages, veggies (if you want them) and eggs. Finished with adding some soy sauce and rice vinegar to the rice.



Easy French Toast





- 2 slices of bread (white is best)

- 2 eggs

- Tsp Cinnamon

- Sugar (I use powdered sugar, but you can use any)

- Tbsp Butter

- ¼ tsp Vanilla essence

- Golden/Maple Syrup


Coat a pan in a healthy amount of butter.


Mix together your eggs with the cinnamon, vanilla and some sugar and dip your bread until it’s sopping wet.


Add the bread to a pan and cook for about 1-2 mins each side. When you flip it over add a sprinkle of powdered or granulated sugar, this makes it caramelize.


Serve when it’s fully cooked. Add some maple or golden syrup and you’re done!



3 ingredients, healthy BUT yum pancakes





- 1 cup Flat rolled oats

- 1 banana

- ¾ cup Milk or alternative milk

- (vanilla essence optional, it should already be very sweet)


So simple. Blend it up. Pour some in pan, flip a few times. Done. Finish with some syrup, blueberries, lemon and sugar, whatever you like! My fav is strawberries and soya cream!




Now, for a little sneak peak into our newest cookbook, the soon-to-be-released Vegan's Deserve Better Than A Fruit Salad! 




                                       PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE





Preparation notes

Serves 12p -loose bottom springform tin 23cm diameter

Preparation time: 40 mins

Cooking time: 5 mins + 1 h


1. CHEESECAKE BASE                


- 75g vegan spread or coconut oil

- 200g vegan digestive biscuits





1. Turn on the oven 190C / gas 5.


2. Line the base of a 23cm loose bottom springform tin by putting a round piece of parchment paper – same size - in the bottom of the tin base.


3. Melt the spread or oil in the microwave for 20 sec @ 850 C. Grind the biscuits in a food processor. Transfer in a bowl and mix in the melted spread or oil with a spatula.


4. Press the mix into the bottom of the mould, 4 mm thick.


5. Pre bake for 5 minutes at 190C.


6. Allow to cool down.




- 2 ½ Tbsp flax seeds mix                                       

- 450g hard non-dairy cream cheese                                              

- 425g pumpkin purée                                            

- 210g golden caster sugar                                    

- 1 tsp ginger                                                            

- 1 tsp cinnamon                                                     

- 1 pinch nutmeg                                                       

- 120g milk alternative




1. Firstly, prepare the flaxseeds mix: Mix 10g of ground flaxseeds with 30g of cold water and let it rest for 10 mins at least, until you obtain a thick purée. Keep refrigerated.


2. In a mixing bowl, fitted with the paddle attachment, beat the cream cheese at medium-low speed until creamy, about 1 min. Reduce the speed and gradually add the pumpkin purée, the sugar, the spices and finally the milk alternative. Increase the speed, scraping down the sides of the bowl twice at least, until smooth consistency, with no remaining lumps.


 3. Pour the mix over the cheesecake base, and bake at 175C/gas 4 for about 1h.

If you gently shake the tin, the filling should have a slight wobble.


4. Let it cool down for 2 hours at least before unmoulding. Slide the parchment paper out from underneath and transfer to a plate.




Marzipan pumpkins



1. Using plastic gloves, colour 200g of a marzipan block in orange and 50g in dark green.

Divide the orange marzipan in 12 pieces, about 15g each.

Roll each piece into a round shape.

With a toothpick, press some lines from top till bottom to reproduce a pumpkin shape.


2. Between 2 parchment papers, roll out the green marzipan, 2mm thick. Using a star nozzle, cut 12 pieces and place each one on top of the pumpkin.


 Finish with a little stem.



Sweet pastry bases



1. Prepare a sweet pastry as explained in the Basics


2. Roll out the pastry between 2 parchment papers, 2 mm thick. With a round cutter, cut 12 discs, 2.5cm diameter.


3. Place on a pre-lined baking tray and bake at 175C / gas 4 for 8 mins.


4. Put the marzipan pumpkins on top of the sweet pastry bases and dispose of equally onto the cheesecake.



When you work on a dessert presentation, the shape you choose will certainly do a significant part of the job.

As you will see, I am using a lot of these in my recipes. You will find some useful addresses at the end of this book. Unusual to work upside down, isn’t it?

And I don’t mention the numerous pomegranate health benefits…