Frankfurt book fair is as famous as it is for a reason! It is one of, if not, the biggest book fair events in the world.


As we try and do every year, we’re leaving tomorrow for the experience yet again!


If you’re not aware of the book fair, here’s a little information about it!


Frankfurt book fair has been a tradition for over 500 years. Starting in 1454, when Gutenberg famously invented the printing press near by in Mainz. Local booksellers gathered to Frankfurt that year.


Originally the aim of the fair was to sell manuscripts. Now, not so much, in fact, not at all. The fair has come a long way since the first. Now the fair is an explosion of everything ‘books’. They promote new books, new companies, wholesalers, proof reading, authors gather to meet publishing houses and learn more. There are no limits at the fair.


Just to give you all an idea of just how much it has grown, 7,000 exhibitors from 100 different countries gather and more than 277,000 visitors come by.


It would be rude for us not to go, so, we’re off for 4 days to experience it all over again, we also welcome visitors so if you see us around, please come up and say hello!