As publication day approaches us like a bullet train once again- a little earlier than normal this time- we present to you a short selection of some of our fantastic forthcoming books for this month!

Courtney Crane- “Perfume and Cigarettes”

Stories with unexpected endings and unseen twists. Courtney Crane takes you on a thrilling ride through different stories rife with humor, pain, loss, and the many myriad emotions of life - emotions every reader has experienced in life or has heard others experiencing. 

An easy and fun read, this book is sure to make you rethink your bias and keep you guessing as to if you can read between the lines. Take it on your next flight or train journey or even as you wait for someone in the café and this short read will not disappoint.

You can find the book here.

Daisie Lane- “What About my Tummy, Mummy?”

A heartwarming children’s book that promotes body positivity in young children, “What About my Tummy, Mummy?” provides a message of self-love, confidence, and body positivity. From our tummies which can wobble, our noses which scrunch as we giggle, and skin which stretches as we grow - this is a reminder, to both children and parents, to appreciate and respect our bodies for all their amazing wonder.

You can find the book here.

Thomas Braid- “Interfector”

In this nail-biting thriller, Tom is pulled back into a life he thought he had left behind, finding himself dragged across the Middle East to his homeland of Scotland on a dangerous journey. He finds himself protecting strangers, precious heirlooms and fighting off attacks from every direction, all in the service of an enigmatic boss known only as “The German”.

You can find the book here.

Rion Levy- “Poems of the End Times”

From the mind of Rion Levy comes this collection of thought-provoking poems entitled ‘Poems of the End Times'. With rich use of language Levy conjures up images and questions in the reader that all will be able to relate to - asking questions regarding the finite time we have on this earth, and indeed the finite time that the earth has in this universe. A truly cerebral journey is undertaken in the lines of Levy's poetry which is nothing short of a joy to read.

You can find the book here.

Chris Bailey-Green- “Living With It”

Daniel wanted the world that contained Claire to continue for as long as it was possible to do so before he would have to adjust to the world where she was no longer in it. It was going to be a cold, bleak world and he feared that it was one that was going to go on a long time.

Claire and Daniel had been blessed with years of love and happiness together, and with their son, Toby. That time was coming to an end now though. An end that could be slow and painful for them both. Claire had one last request to ask of Daniel, but it was only he who would have to live with it.

You can find the book here.