As publication day comes hurtling towards us at the speed of light (or crawling towards us at a snail’s pace, you decide) here at Olympia Publishers, we’re getting ready to commence some initial promotions for this month’s roster of books! We’ve got a fantastic and varied selection coming out this month; everything from poetry to science fiction, mystery to life guides!

In preparation for the 30th of March, we’ve put together this article to give you a glimpse into our March releases!

Lynda Florence Hughes- “Losing the Thread”

Cutting edge designers Paulette Fredericks and Nicole Saunders are summoned to Starlington Hall to create a bespoke wardrobe for Lady Philippa Soames.  When a fellow guest is violently murdered, the two are drawn into the family and its dramas. The two women begin their own investigations, examining a cast of intriguing potential suspects. How long can secrets of the past remain hidden? Can the two save the day before the killer strikes again?

You can find the book here.

Angela Primachenko- “Breath of Life”

“Breath of Life” is the story of one respiratory therapist’s struggle for survival, detailing the reality of not being there for her new born daughter, and what lessons God can teach us to have the strength to overcome guilt and difficult emotions. A powerful life event with discussion points, questions and lessons from scripture.

You can find the book here.

Amanda Peace- “Bob, The Tiny Dinosaur!”

Bob is a very tiny dinosaur in a land where all the other dinosaurs are gigantic beasts. They tease him for being little, and so Bob never joins in with their games. Bob has one friend, Betty May, but one fateful day whilst playing together, things go very wrong. Can Bob rescue his best friend? Does he have a plan? Can he show everyone that he can be both tiny and brave?

You can find the book here. 

Chiara Kelly- “In My Words”

Chiara Kelly’s “In My Words” is a beautiful collection of short poems that depict suffering, grief, love and yearning. Chiara illustrates the feeling of devotion and loss in this anthology of poetry, drawn from her own personal experience.

You can find the book here. 

Nigel Cook- “The Guardian”

James Moore, a thirty-four-year-old professor who specialises in electronic engineering, has recently developed a technology called The Mind Link, which allows users to enter and experience their own memories as well as those of others. As he begins to test its potential, he uncovers a dangerous secret that revolves around a woman, Helen. Helen has a secret in her past that has been concealed by sinister forces. Join James and Helen as they investigate the mysteries of Helen’s past and get caught up in espionage, politics, and crime.

You can find the book here.

Lynne Marie Kohm- Estate Planning Success Just for Women

Women are the fastest growing economic demographic in the world, making the need to plan for retirement and wealth transfer an absolute must for every woman. This book provides a stepwise guide designed just for women to develop a solid understanding of estate planning.

You can find the book here. 

Will Kelly- “Mr. Owl’s Classroom Presents: Bobby the Bobcat”

Bobby the Bobcat never had many friends. Truth be told, he never really had any friends at all. He is too small to keep up with the other big cats, but is seen as a predator by the other animals. Can Bobby find a way to fit in despite his awkward size?

You can find the book here. 

J.D.- “Generation Tent”

The year is 2016, and the UK is at a crossroads. Amidst the challenges of the European vote, the upper millennial generation is plagued by soaring house prices, rising homelessness and austerity. Based on a true story, John Dohmen finds himself living in a tent in central London, and with this book, humorously guides us through a generation on the brink of an existential crisis.

You can find the book here. 

Paul Kiritsis- “Tales of a Spiritual Sun”

“Tales of a Spiritual Sun” takes familiar myths and legends; stories of Medusa, King Midas, Pandora, Orpheus and Proteus, and gives them new life, employing new angles and modern twists. These include a scientific experiment ready to change the world on the night it is set to end, and a detective who must decide if a man, claiming his wife is a nymph, is delusional or about to commit a crime.

You can find the book here. 

A.M. Alkhalifa- “Insights for Creatives”

A.M. Alkhalifa’s calling is to be creative, and she believes that in any creative profession or hobby, a person has a duty to research and communicate the values of the piece responsibly, as well as knowing that this method of creating is crucial to making anything meaningful. “Insights for Creatives” is a book that explores visual communication and graphic design with a fresh approach, examining the role and responsibility of such a job.

You can find the book here.