Football could be coming home! To get all excited and to keep our spirits high, here are some of our football books!


Burgos: Our Football Adventure by Albert Garcia

A group of children and adults from a London school travel to Burgos, Spain, for a three-day football tournament. Despite a shaky start with luggage that's falling apart, the group arrive in Spain without further hiccups. The accommodation isn't exactly five-star but it does the job. Their days are filled with football matches, and the odd trip to the infirmary, and their evenings are spent exploring the nearby town. As the tour comes to its final stretch an uncanny twist of unfortunate events at the airport adds more than football talk to their stay. Little do they know that this is where their adventure really begins.


Eloise the Football Champion by Liam Ward 

All the girls in Eloise's class like to attend ballet class, do baking with their mothers or go to Brownies. On the contrary, Eloise has a passion for playing football. The boys in Eloise's class tell her that she can't succeed at playing football because she's a girl. However, this does not stop Eloise from living her dream after participating in the school football tournament. Despite the fact that Eloise's peers do not believe she can succeed in a game of football, Eloise believes in herself and ultimately proves that she can achieve anything if she sets her mind to it.


Why Can't I Play Football? by Helen Summers 


The Why can't I books are designed to help children realise their ambitions - even if sometimes they meet unexpected challenges. In this book, Sarah is a young girl with a dream. All she wants to do is play football but when the boys in the park tease her and tell her she cannot play, she does not know where to turn. Written in verse with bright supporting illustrations the story explores how Sarah's mum finds a way of helping her learn from the experience. After doing some research, her mum shows her that anything is possible when she puts her mind to it.


The Day Harry Saved Football by Calum Muir



In a locked-down world, Harry keeps the nation's hopes alive from his sheer love of football. Determined not to let the world's love of the beautiful game fade, Harry sets himself an enormous task to save football.