What's that coming over the hill? It is publication day once again.

We have some exciting new books coming on the 31st (when don't we?) and today we'd like to point you in the direction of the pre-order button.



Sarah Faulkner- "Tales from an Online Dating Diary"


This book is a collection of dating experiences from author Sarah Faulkner as she delves into the world of online dating after the end of a long-term relationship.Her stories range from wild, hilarious and light-hearted in tone to much more serious topics that are treated with honesty and respect. This book is written for the benefit of everyone, but especially for women who are venturing into the dating sphere.


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Jonathan Shaw- "The Marnakril"


Two people, despite being in different points of life, battle a shadow with different faces. Seventeen-year-old Nicolas and his mother escape his insane father's torment by moving to an apartment outside of town. When he started to suffer from hallucinations similar to his father's, he feared he'd end up exactly like his father did. His new neighbor stepped in and began shedding more light on what was really at play.

Police detective Erik pursued the head of the notorious Surkins gang that resettled in Welltown. Strange hallucinations and nightmares began plaguing him during the chase. Upon capturing the gang leader, Erik discovered that these trances are caused by whatever the Surkins worship.


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Gautam Nadkarni- "Toasting the Yogi"


This is an extraordinary, light-hearted book written by Gautam Nadkarni. Filled with a series of short stories -- or haibun as the genre is known in Japanese --set in India to make you laugh and smile. This book was created for those who enjoy a boost in the soul and makes you feel good after reading every chapter. Each of the wonderful drawings within, executed by the author himself, contain three-line poems called senryu in Japanese and are referred to as haiga in the language of the Orient.


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Elizabeth Kozlowska- "Through It All"

If you are rich and I am poor, does that mean God loves you more? Small people have big questions. It's time we answered them head-on. Jump in and experience the realities of God's perfect promises just for you! Be uplifted and delight in the knowledge that no matter what we face, God remains with us through it all.


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C.L. Rose- "A Second Chance"


Gemma Walker is stuck in a rut. She is in a toxic relationship and her life hasn't changed since she was fifteen. She still works in her mum's pub, she still has no body confidence and she's still in love with Robbie Wilson.

Ten years after they parted ways, Robbie is back, and he wants a second chance. A lot has changed for Robbie. He is now a world-famous football superstar and millionaire but he is the same lovable Robbie.

Gemma's life changes overnight but will she allow herself to be happy and to have a second chance at love?


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