Dogs, cats. Insects, birds. Reptiles, amphibians. Wild, domesticated. 

Animals play a huge part in what makes our planet such a marvel, and it's very common to find odes to these creatures in literature, from children's stories about talking woodland animals, to poetry dedicated to a beloved house cat. We have many such books on our roster, and today we wanted to share five favourites with you. 

Audie Willert- "Henry"

A pet can truly change someone's life, and that is exactly what Audie Willert's "Henry" is about. Twelve-year old Billy Martinez is a young schoolboy who finds himself ostracised by classmates, often the target of racially motivated bullying. When Billy's mother gifts him an Airedale puppy for his birthday, an inseparable bond is formed between boy and dog. 

In this heart-warming account of Henry's time with Billy, we come across many such occasions when the bond between a human and his best friend is experienced.

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Amber Zierath- "Horse Karma"

"Horse Karma" by Amber Zierath is a heart-warming story told from an unlikely point of view - a horse. It depicts the unbreakable bond between human and horse, with careful observation and extensive descriptions of equine behaviour. It will reaffirm the belief that the love you offer has ways of coming back, in a more profound way, of course.

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Charlotte Sebag-Montefiore- "Who Am I? A Book of Riddles"


In Who Am I? A Book of Riddles author Charlotte Sebag-Montefiore has produced a delightful child's bestiary in verse form. Designed to be read aloud, there are thirty-five poems of five verses each, in which different characters of land, sea and air are depicted, by turns humorous and quirky. In a sixth verse, which is refrain, the young listener is invited to guess the identity of each. 

This is a wonderful learning tool for young minds who want to learn more about the animal kingdom and the world around them. 

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Shirley King- "Sam's Tails for Toddlers"

It's deeply important that young children understand that animals have feelings, and that they should be respected. 

In "Sam's Tails for Toddlers", Shirley King sets out to do just that. Dogs are certainly mans best friend, but they can get frustrated, nervous and upset, just like you. Shirley had to teach her son to respect dogs from a young age, and intends to help parents spread that message with her book. 

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Adrienne Fraser- "Opie the Diabetic Cat"

Adrienne Fraser lives in Victoria, BC, Canada, and works for her dad's business, Victoria Animal Control Services as a Kennel Keeper and Adoption Assistant. Adrienne has always loved animals ever since she can remember, and she has become extremely passionate about working with them.

"Opie the Diabetic Cat" is a moving and undeniably tear-jerking children's book that tells the story of a cat whose body starts to feel very strange one day, but he can't figure out what's wrong. 

Who will help Opie to find out what is wrong with him?

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