This publication day just gone has certainly been one for the books (see what we did there? No? Okay.), with a vast array of great literature having been released into the world. Today, we wanted to zoom in a little and highlight five books from the roster that we really think deserve your attention. Rest assured, every one of them deserves your attention, but we just want to help you get started. 

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John Hall-Roberts- "A Variety of Poems"

Thought-provoking and riveting poems designed to inspire readers, John-Hall Robert's poetry is laced with anger and pain at the incidents occurring in the world. Environmental pollution, child trafficking, abandonment, the holocaust, drug abuse, diseases, war and homelessness are just a few topics addressed in the evocative poetry. But there is also hope that it is not too late, and we need to pay heed to things around us, share love and affection to overcome loneliness, sorrow and create a sense of bonding with humans and animals.

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E.J. Denman- "The Guardians of Earea"

Earea is a wonderful land, a land of prosperity, full of warm kind-hearted people. A place where anyone would want to visit and live.Yet it was not always this way. Violence, greed, and death stalked the land generations ago, until the Guardians of Earea arose to settle the land into its peaceful state, before fading into the background of history. Now the land is threatened once more, as a new, intelligent evil sweeps across it, destroying all it touches. Once more, the Guardians must stand together to prevent the end of everything they hold dear. Fortunately, they're not alone - but when their enemy reveals his true ambitions and strength, will it be enough?

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B.C. Harris- "Making Sacrifices"

To the world she is Vida.
To Isaac Saddler she epitomises only fear, the stuff of his nightmares, willed into existence through art and writing.
Transformed from victim to warrior, she became Vida, Queen of the Vidian Empire.
But Vida doesn't just exist between the pages of a book.
High on Exmoor archaeologists think they've found ancient remains, but the body proves to be evidence of a modern murder. A facial reconstruction publicised by the police quickly goes viral.
Now Isaac must find out why the woman of his nightmares ended up in a bog pool close to his childhood home.
A lifetime of secrets that threaten to undermine his entire existence.

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Bethany Kynnersley- "Tales of Terorr from Torment Tower"

Ever since it opened in 1930, Majesty Greens Care Association has been plagued by something dark and ominous. Every patient, resident, visitor and staff member who enters its doors leaves with a new tale, as terrifying as it is unexplainable.
The rumours cover everything from a lift that must never be used alone and a visiting little girl who never grows up, to strange happenstances on the night shift. With a Ouija board causing disastrous consequences and the lingering presence of residents even after they've passed, it seems no corner of Majesty Greens Care Association is without mystery.As each story is told, it becomes clear that every corner of the care home, hospital and funeral directors threatens to unveil a new mystery of ever-increasing danger.

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Sashca Byrne- "Love Has Made a Choice"


Natasha is taking the holiday of a lifetime, to Alaska, via Seattle and New York, all the places where her beloved rom coms take place, in hopes of finding love.Micheal is burned out from his busy life as a record producer. He too is heading off to the USA, with the hope of finding new inspiration.Glancing encounters at the airport, the 5th Avenue Armani shop and Seattle's Waterfront Park lead to one near miss after another for the two of them. Each time they come a little closer, yet never close enough.

Will love bring them together? Or are they destined to remain apart?

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