Publication day is coming for us at a rate of knots. We're certainly ready for it, but are you?

We have hand-picked five books that we think you should pay attention to! These range from spooky tales, to heartfelt poetry and progressive, informative children's books. Check them out below, and make sure you have a peruse of the rest of our new catalogue!

Jorge Luis Gonzalez Gordillo- Big Nothings & Nicotine

With a sticks-in-your-head title that sounds like the name of an Elliott Smith demo, Jorge Luis Gonzalez has composed a beautifully honest collection of poetry with "Big Nothings & Nicotine". Gordillo covers relatable subjects with passionate rhyme and penmanship, touching on heartbreak, love, relationships and everything in between. His poetry is sure to take you on a cathartic and occasionally turbulent journey through a wide spectrum of emotions, reaching out and speaking directly to you with his expertly penned words. 

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Lance Cerff- In Grave Spirits 

Jeremy is dead. But he's not been greeted by a polished staircase to the pearly gates, nor has he found himself standing at the precipice of eternal damnation. No, Jeremy is stuck in limbo, and the last thing he remembers before he died is the face of his wife's lover. Not a great way to go. 

Jeremy is introduced to the Committee, a group who control all of the dead who are stuck in limbo. They cannot rest without justice, and if the police cannot deliver, then it is up to the dead to step in. 

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Nancy Esterhuizen- Inconvenient Height

"Inconvenient Height" tells a tale of money laundering, drug lords, and kingpins, but at the centre of it is an unassuming chartered accountant by the name of Stuart. Stuart is a little person, and he finds himself in a precarious situation when he falls in love with Lorea, a woman seeking shelter from her abusive boyfriend. 

As things become complicated, Stuart finds himself embroiled in the world of international drug smuggling. Is Stuart more than meets the eye, though? 

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Emma Sparrey- The Misanthrope's Mansion

Leah and her brother Jordan share an uncoditonal bond, one that they must sadly sever when Leah's aunt finds her a job far away from where she grew up. 

She finds herself at Misanthrope's Mansion, under the management of the enigmatic Lady Margaret. The mansion is a peaceful place where the horror and tragedies of the world at large simply do not exist. Leah welcomes this new change, but is it really all that it seems? 

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Erin Leger- Scotty Learns About Calming Down


Children's books are a necessary bone in the great body of literature, and they're made even better by the abundance of titles that teach children critical life lessons in a digestible way. Erin Leger's "Scotty Learns About Calming Down" is a heartfelt book for both parents and children alike, which aims to teach youngsters about anxiety, tantrums, and how to calm themselves down in a sticky situation. 

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