Following along with the seasonal trend of things that go bump in the night, we're here today to show you five eerie, spooky (and downright somach churning, occasionally) books from our horror roster. We have some fantastic and varied reads for you, and if you're a horror fanatic, you should definitely have a look at our picks!

#1: Gregory Alexander Sharp- Il Lupo

Some of the best horror out there holds a deeper meaning than just "it's scary and there's a lot of blood", and Il Lupo absolutely fits into that category. Using the allegorical vehicle that is lycanthropy, Sharp tells the story of two university friends who have both led significantly different lives since last they met. The two venture to Naples in Italy, where they encounter much more than they bargained for as they are stalked by something thought to only exist in myth. Musing heavily on the theme of menatl illness, Sharp has created a thoughtful, frightening and unique werewolf tale with a great deal of emotional depth. 

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#2: Morgan Bates- The Wilderness

Some places that are largely untouched by man are untouched for good reason. When Jeanie ventures onto an island off the coast of British Columbia to reconnect with her father, she begins to suspect that they are not alone. She finds an eldritch sigil etched into one of the trees, and from there, the madness begins to unravel. Can the two escape the wilderness before they become entangled in something beyond their understanding?

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#3: Lane Oliver- Stag

Lane Oliver brings you a heavily horror-flavoured Southern Gothic tale of woe, familial dysfunction and eldritch happenings in the delightfully sickening "Stag". Franklin is your average man on the surface; a blue collar body shop worker whose only desire is to keep supper on the table and a roof over his family's heads. Under the surface, though, Franklin's dissatisfaction at his stale, decaying life is metamorphosing into something much uglier. As bizarre and violent events begin to unfold, Franklin's life begins to unravel, and all the while, something wicked and ancient observes from just beyond the trees.

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#4: Grant Sampica- Infestation

Humanity, in its worst form, is observed from a distance by creatures not from this world, living among us. What exactly are they planning, and what are they going to do with the information they find? More importantly, will humanity be able to put aside their worst aspects to fight back against these intruders?

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#5: Eddie Gatton- Crazy Eddie's Tales of Horror

Everybody loves a good horror story collection, with varied scares and no real way of knowing what's around the corner. Eddie Gatton's 'Crazy Eddie's Tales of Horror' has just that! Boasting the scare factor of classic horror stories, Gatton brings you a series of chilling tales that take place across the United States, detailing the bizarre and chilling experiences had by ordinary people. 

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