Now what is a book without illustrations? We know some of you love a straight book, all words no fun, but we just love a picture or two. We have picked five famous illustrators out to show you some of their work. So, in no particular order, here we go!


Nick Sharratt is famously known for illustrating the works of Julia Donaldson and Jacqueline Wilson. I’m sure we have all delighted in the publication of a book illustrated by Sharratt, I for one followed religiously the stories written by Jacqueline Wilson (as most other girls did!) I particularly loved the little drawings inserted through the book, it gave it that personal feel, like someone really cared what was inside.


Quentin Blake joins us next on the list, if you can’t remember who this man is, then we suggest you go check your bookshelf, and if you don’t find what you are looking for there, then you best head to your local bookshop. Go on, off you go… Blake is the illustrator of all things Dahl, that’s right, go find yourself a Roald Dahl book and you are sure to find it illustrated with the beautiful works of Blake. I am a sucker for a Dahl book because I just love that they are all illustrated similarly, they make for a very good looking book shelf! Just take a look at these - beautiful!


Maurice Sendak is next. Now I wasn’t quite sure who Sendak was until I searched and found he is the author and writer of Where the Wild Things Are (amongst many other books.) To me his illustrating style is more adult – although he is a renowned children’s author! Unfortunately we cannot delight in the works of Sendak anymore, as he passed away in 2012, but Where the Wild Things Are will always stay in our hearts as a brilliant children’s book.


Dr Seuss, oh Dr Seuss, how we love you and the crazy little (actually huge!) world you live in. Illustrators work is so incredible, but we really love an author who also has the skills to create their own illustrations (nothing against those who get help, I for one wouldn’t be able to illustrate a book!) How much joy you must get by seeing your work in print, knowing it is fully yours (Don’t worry Sendak, we are looking at you for this too!) Dr Seuss has a crazy imagination and his wild wacky colours and drawings really do complete his books, we just don’t think it would be the same with an external illustrator.


And last but my no means least, we bring you to Beatrix Potter, quite a different illustrating style to the rest of them, very muted and soft, even if Maurice doesn’t use garish colours, there is a lot going on! We love Jemima and Peter and even Jeremy, and we love the fact they are softly drawn creatures. Very sweet books with lovely characters we all have fallen in love with over and over again.


Now we only picked out five illustrators, we know that there are so many more talented people out there. Maybe you have a different illustrator you really like, we would love to know.