In 2007, and every year since, The Encouragement Foundation at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas created ‘National Day of Encouragement’ – a day to encourage anyone who needs a little push of positivity!


We happen to specialise in positivity and encouragement books, here are just a few that may help you!



Day-to-Day Happiness by Beau Bridgland 



Beau Bridgland is a young, English voice actor for animation, video games, commercials, narration and more. Despite having a very happy childhood, during his time at university he developed a deep depression, severe anxiety and low self-esteem. Embarking on a relentless pursuit to overcome his debilitating difficulties, Beau has collated all the solutions as he found them. The result is a remarkable and honest ‘lifestyle manual' that almost everyone can relate to. By asking questions of himself, Beau carefully analyses the problems, compartmentalises them and turns the negatives into positive thoughts. Outlining a number of easy-to-use, practical techniques that focus on new thinking and an awareness of language, he provides a handy guide which, if followed, can help readers to find and maintain a sense of self-fulfilment and happiness.



No Way to Treat a Child by Wendy DeVere-Austin 



What is life like when the very person who is supposed to care for you most is the person whom you most dread? How does a child survive and grow when subjected, day after day, night after night, to the subtle malice and open violence of a tormentor who has usurped the function of a parent? Wendy DeVere-Austin's moving book is proof that such a childhood can, with luck and perseverance, not only be survived; it can also give way, eventually, to a rich, happy, and vivid life, even if not all scars will always disappear altogether. DeVere-Austin gives us not only her terrifying childhood, but also her varied career as a hairdresser, model, and secretary working in the film industry. The result is a colourful memoir which is likely to surprise readers at every turn.



Journey: Full Stop to Semicolon by Manasi Manchanda 



A semicolon is used to make a break stronger than a comma but not a final dead end like a full stop. In life we are faced with arduous circumstances, compelling us to give up, to use a full stop and end it all, but instead we choose to fight the circumstances to beat the odds and emerge as a survivor. This book revolves around the semicolon moments experienced in real life. It's a perfect blend of love, life, struggles (big or small), absolutely non-fictitious - it's as real as it gets. Whether you are a teenager, a young adult or older, suffering with low marks, body image issues, career, first love, last heartbreak, loss of a loved one or regaining happiness, it has something for everyone. Nothing is worth your putting a full stop to this magnificent journey of your life you had been writing so sincerely for so long.




The Power Of Great Dreams: The Fantasist's Guide To Success by Zed Phoenix  



Magnetic State Training is the most powerful system for improving your life, increasing your business' productivity, motivating yourself and creating wealth in abundance. "In less than twelve months I went from being homeless, which I'd been for nearly three years, to owning a boat, which I now live on, and running a successful business. If you've ever wondered why it is that some people find it easy to make money while others struggle, it's not because they are more intelligent or work harder - it's simply because they think differently. Do you want your business to make more money? Do you want to make more money? Do you want to be wealthy? The fact is, that it is easier than you think. The Magnetic State system is so successful that it works every time for everyone." This technology is not to be played with or experimented with, it is not a toy; it is an advanced extra-terrestrial technology for your mind. So use this technology for yourself wisely, use it to help others and use it to create a spiritually advanced world.




The Life Of Self by Soha Abouchi 



The Life of Self gives the reader the opportunity to understand the purpose of self and complete the expression of their capabilities. It will help the reader to reach into their uncertainties so they can let go, be refreshed and redefine who they are. Soha Jagger's latest book will convince you that the only aim of life is to be yourself, and when on life's journey you should not pause, or stop, or retrace your steps, just watch and perform. Once you have discovered your self it will compel you to be content, and ultimately succeed. The Life Of Self is you; here and now.




And finally for encouragement day, here’s a simple quite that helped us and may help you too: “Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember how far you have come. Remember everything you have faced, all the battles you have won, and all the fears you have overcome.”