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Embers the Beginning and Embarks the End of Mirpur | Review

Check out this review by poet/writer, Mrs Rachna Gupta for Embers the Beginning and Embarks the End of Mirpur.


A candid description of simmering emotions of a six year child finds vent in the shape of ' EMBERS THE BEGINING AND EMBERS THE END OF MIRPUR'.


An autobiographic account of tormented months of childhood, struggles of teenage and settling down in adulthood is as straightforward as the author Dr. Kulvir  himself Written in simple language it doesn't fail to leave impact on readers. One can easily feel the childlike innocence in his love for nature whether during 45 days vacation time in childhood  or passing through similar terrain during dislocation turmoil or assignment with Sandoz India Ltd.! A compulsive reader and traveler without any prejudice he invariably has compared the atrocities committed in different civilizations under one pretext or the other and helplessness of less privileged.The positiveness towards life for better times quite often surfaces.


His daughter and colleague Dr. Shwaita has touchingly concised the torturous times undergone by her family and the likes in her contributed poem: Mirpur...A Paradise...A tragedy. The wounds of victims during partition annihilation are deep, scars are difficult to be erased yet no harm in expecting that deep wounds are healed, scars are dimmed with loving family and friends and dream of a peaceful world too comes true. 



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