With this COVID-19 pandemic on our hands, it's almost as if we're living in a dystopian book or movie. Speaking of which, we just so happened to write a Dystopian blog post a few months back, check out our suggestions! 




Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? By Philip K Dick https://www.amazon.co.uk/Androids-Dream-Electric-Sheep-Masterworks/dp/0575079932/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Do+Androids+Dream+Of+Electric+Sheep%3F+By+Philip+K+Dick&qid=1574694747&sr=8-1



Most famously known nowadays for being the direct inspiration for Blade Runner. Though, let’s be clear, there are differences. The book is set in San Francisco, but not the San Fran we know, 2019 post-apocalyptic San Francisco that has been damaged by a nuclear global war. The premise of the novel follows Rick Deckard who is a bounty hunter who has to kill 6 escaped androids, the other part of the book gravitates to John who helps the androids on the run.


1984 by George Orwell https://www.amazon.co.uk/Nineteen-Eighty-Four-Penguin-Modern-Classics/dp/014118776X/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=1984+by+George+Orwell&qid=1574694730&sr=8-1



When someone says dystopian, usually this is what most people think of, specifically George Orwell as an author. Firstly, the book was published in 1949 but set in 1984. The story surrounds a totalitarianism government and behaviours in society. Think of the term Big Brother, this is the book that coined it. The future has a perpetual war, crazy agendas and the Big Brother, omnipresent government surveillance, so… not quite where we would all like to live and experience. Having your own thoughts, independence and personality is literally illegal. Overall, it’s the story of those few who break the mould and rebel, rightly so. It’s a pretty scary story though, only because what happens in 1984 isn’t too hard to imagine happening in the future.


The Death and Life of Michael Blacker by Russell J. Smith https://olympiapublishers.com/books/the-death-and-life-of-michael-blacker


When you've had enough of life, the last thing you want is more life, but that's exactly what Post Material Services has given me. You see, without my two boys, life in the afterlife sucks. And then I hear about all the disasters happening on Earth, and I worry about them. If only there was a way back, or at least a way out of this realm; this infinite river that constantly reminds me of the family my ex-wife snatched from me.

On the bright side, I hear there are millions of other infinite realms in this universe. Maybe I should sober up and use this thousand-year lifespan to find happiness, make up for all my mistakes, and face my demons.




The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood https://www.amazon.co.uk/Handmaids-Tale-Vintage-Classics/dp/1784873187/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=The+Handmaid%E2%80%99s+Tale+by+Margaret+Atwood&qid=1574694761&sr=8-1


A terrifying concept for many people, especially women. Thanks to the very successful TV show, the book has taken off massively joined with a new sequel, The Testaments. Similar to 1984, people do not have much choice here… and a severe lack of rights, ladies in particular. Set in future England, bring on another totalitarian government with a god complex! The story zooms in on one specific ‘Handmaid’. The idea of the book is that thanks to a religious government takeoff, women have most of their rights taken away – meaning they can’t even read or handle money and… have no control over their bodies, reproductive function in particular, enter Handmaids. Birth rates at the point are sinking because of infertility due to pollution and radiation etc. women who can have children and forced to produce children for various ruling men. So that should set the scene for you…



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