June plays host to many an important event, most notably LGBTQ+ Pride Month. It also marks a fantastic and important reading event; National Crime Reading Month!

Crime literature is one of the most abundant and well-loved genres in the world. Tales filled with detectives, killers, secrets and gasp-inducing twists draw people in like moths to flame. We have plenty of delightful crime reads in our catalogue, and we wanted to take the time today to share some of these with you. 

Robin Bowles- "Dead Centre"

Dubbed "Australia's True Crime Queen", Robin Bowles spent many days, weeks and months researching extensively the most mystifying murder and abduction to take place in Australia. It follows the murder of Peter Falconio, and the escape of Joanne Lees, something that raised more questions than answers. 

It has been referred to as "by far the most engaging of the books on the Falconio case" by Sydney Morning Herald journalist Dr. Sue Turnbull, and has received glowing reviews, praising the author's efforts and commitment to the intricate details. 

For fans of true crime, this is absolutely unmissable. 

You can find the book here.

Alan Liptrot- "Dogmeat Dave's Bag"

John "Johnboy" Barratt can't seem to catch a break; he's bored to tears of his job as a builder, and his marriage is falling apart. The only joy he finds in life is his dog Bert, and his afternoons spent drinking with his mates Mo, Dogmeat Dave and Jimmy Onion. That is, until they discover a bag of cash hidden in a well.

Whose cash is it? And is any amount of money worth the strain on their friendship?

When a surprise encounter forces them into action, they make the decision to keep it, and soon find out that it's never as simple as "Take the money and run".

You can find the book here.

Stella Celia- "Blood on the Butterfly's Wings"

In this grisly and tense thriller, the discovery of a decaying torso and a head in two separate holdall bags sets Detective Chief Inspector Masterson and his team into action to find the killer. 

With a distinctive blue butterfly tattoo on the torso's back, they question the recent disappearance of a high-profile female celebrity and whether the two cases are linked. A ransom note is sent to her two brothers - are they or their uncle implicated in some way or is there someone else involved?

You can find the book here. 

RL McKenzie- "The Tears of Wednesday"

When Ruby Anderson is haunted by unsettling, recurring dreams, she becomes convinced that she is facing death. But why are these dreams always on a Wednesday? 

As Ruby searches for the truth and clues, questioning the choices she is making before she reaches the big four zero, Ruby soon comes to the realistion that who you can love the most is also who can hurt you the most, but exactly to what extent? Ruby embarks on a journey so gripping, so moving, you will be hooked.

You can find the book here. 

Nathan Eden- "Splintered"

Oliver's life was perfect; his wife Becky, the perfect wife, and his son William, the perfect child. After surviving a tragic accident, the impact of his shocking actions began to rot away at his subconscious. 

Trying to put the past behind them, Oliver and Becky chance a fresh start in London, but all hope soon decays as Oliver's shameful secret lurks in the background.

Caught up in a tantalising world of sex, drugs and alcohol, the past begins to seep through and takes him to a darker place than he's ever known. But is it enough to make him a killer... or is it all just in his head?

You can find the book here.