We're proud to announce one of our own talented authors, Johnny Mack, 59, famously a former armed robber and associate of the Richardson Gang - has paired with the award winning film producer Lee Hutcheon (most note-worthy mentions: 'In A Man's World', 'The Clan' and 'Vendetta'.) 


The result, London Boy. A film based upon the fabulous and not so fabulous life of Mr. Mack - which was coincidently put on paper (Dunpeckham)- where the idea of a film derived from. 


Nowadays Johnny's not shy of helping others in counselling and helping those struggling with addiction. Needless to say the young man being portrayed in 'London's Boy' has bloomed into a kind hearted soul to all. 


London Boy is the product of years of hard work. A true British gangster film. A work of art, showing the effects of crime - both the highs and lows. This is certainly not for the weak hearted. A story of a man groomed into a life of organised crime, and how he managed to escape that world. 


The press have been having a frenzy - and it's still in the production phase! The Evening Standard, Southwark News and countless others have been writing articles and news stories! 


The London boy team are currently crossing the t's and dotting the i's on the final details. A promotional photo shoot has been completed and published as well as the script. Johnny and Lee have been running around promoting- including a recent interview with the prestigious Vice.com! 


The boys are currently in talks with production companies! But, while the final details are being put together, this would be the PERFECT opportunity to purchase the book that started this all, don't cha' think? 
Honest, brutal and bloody hilarious. You will not be disappointed. Would you like to book your ticket now? 


Johnny’s Website: HERE
Film’s Website: HERE
Lee Hutcheon, talking about London Boy- HERE
Buy the book that started this all!- Amazon & Olympia 

London Boy cast with award winning director Lee Hutcheon and Johnny Mack