Summer is coming to a close (although the hot weather might not be) which means we're approaching the wistful, romantic and ever-so-slightly spooky season of Autumn.


Different seasons mean different moods, and different moods often call to be accompanied by different media. For example, "Party in the USA" might not fit your Spotify rotation when the leaves start to fall and the days grow shorter,so you might opt for some early Bob Dylan. Or something like that.

Today, we're listing off five books that we think make great accompaniments to the Autumn season.



Lynda Florence Hughes- "Losing the Thread"

Cutting edge designers, Paulette Fredericks and Nicole Saunders, are summoned to Starlington Hall to create a bespoke wardrobe for Lady Philippa Soames. Quickly drawn into the family and its dramas, they are present when a fellow guest is violently murdered at a shooting party.

These two unconventional women, who are both inquisitive by nature and observant at all times, begin their own investigations.

With a cast of intriguing potential suspects they have their work cut out.

How long can secrets from the past remain hidden?

And can they save the day before the killer strikes again?



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Victoria Day Joel- "A Piece of Me"

"A Piece of Me" delivers what it promises in its title. Victoria Day-Joel's personal experiences, her nostalgic memories and events in life, from her childhood to the recent pandemic, have contributed to a book of poems about life, love and learnings.

The intensely personal poems reveal the deepest part of Day-Joel. There are poems to resonate with lovers, grandchildren, and even those who think about the world and its problems.

 Short and succinct, the poems are easy to comprehend and reverberate with imagery and emotions. You don't have to have a love of poetry to appreciate this particular set of poems.


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Ian Woodcock- "Wind War"


Forget about groundhogs seeing shadows and foretelling six more weeks of winter. In Ian Woodcock's book, Wind War, the Northlands face a future where every day of the population's lives will be lived in a state of deepest, darkest winter.

Autumn is coming to an end, and it is time for Zephyr, Queen of the West winds, to retreat and re-group, ready for Spring. However, she is tipped off that Eras, Lord of the East winds, plans to stay and not let her return - ever!

She decides to dig in and refuse to let him have his way, and war ensues. As they muster their troops and battle it out, all hell breaks loose. Thunder and lightning, hail - and even more thunder and lightning. The noise is enough to wake the dead!


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Crisdelin Prentice- "Maple and Birch"

In this delightful autumnal tale, follow Birch the hungry badger on his adventure through the autumn forest in his search for some tasty food, along the way he meets some of the forest animals and finds himself on a much bigger adventure than he bargained for!



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Stephen Harris- "Shooter Marble"


The beautiful, sleepy hamlet of Clydesdale, Maryland is a birdwatcher's paradise. Green trees and lush marshes are the perfect home for migratory birds to nest and raise their young. But this particular autumn, all birds are falling from the sky, their bodies mangled and torn, with no obvious explanation. This unprecedented, ominous phenomenon puts the small unremarkable community on the world map.

To this town arrives Larry Marble, newly divorced and embarking on his Grand Plan. A storm causes him to take the wrong exit into Clydesdale, but was it an accident or destiny? With powerful forces at play, Larry has to get in touch with his innate power, locked away within himself as a child, to save the birds, town and world from these invisible supernatural forces.


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