Christmas is coming! There is so much to be excited about Christmas time… the yummy roast dinners, the presents, seeing family and finally reading great Christmas books! So continuing the tradition of entertaining festive books, let’s look at some of our favourites!






Elmo's Christmas Tail by Tammy Johnston 



Elmo's Christmas Tail is an enchanting children's story, based around the magic of Christmas. With beautifully illustrated pictures, it is the perfect Christmas read for any child and parent.

Elmo is a kind-hearted little mouse who is given a magical tail from the moon for being so caring. The animals in his village become jealous so pull his tail off and cast him away. With nowhere to go, and no one to turn to, Elmo is alone. On his journey to seek refuge he meets other animals who turn their back and laugh at his misfortune. The moon takes pity on Elmo and punishes them for being so mean. Find out what happens to the other animals. Discover if Elmo and the other animals will become friends or if he will end up alone on Christmas day.



The Nordman by Catherine Birch 



Tori Brown is recovering from the embittered breakup of her engagement and seeks solace in the depths of Herefordshire. Living alone, she adapts to the close and friendly village life, where her personal life is not questioned, thus distancing herself from any prospective relationships.

With the calming influence that her horse Carlos gives her, she is soon riding the bridle paths and woodland and beginning to enjoy her life once again. Sudden events take a hold and Tori is thrown, not only from Carlos, but into the beginnings of a new life that is to change everything.

Someone else comes into her life, not what she quite expected but certainly what she wanted. Johan Andersen, a local Norwegian forester, captures Tori's heart and from that point on life is not the same again... just better, beyond her wildest dreams.



The Boy from the Snow by Maria Johnson 



This is the story of Daniel, a soldier who lives in the beautiful landscape of Northwest Celtic England in 590 AD. There he serves King Reghan and his beautiful, wise and strong daughter, Princess Evelyn, in the kingdom of Gaeson.

Alongside his friends, John, Aife - and with the help of his childhood friend, Sarah - Daniel fights in the war against his enemy King Cedric and his kingdom of Klumeck that lies to the east.

Despite the battles that come his way, Daniel is content in his life until he discovers a truth that causes him to question everything he knows. He is then forced to make a difficult and brave choice that will affect deeply those he loves. All the while he searches for the answers, however, an even greater threat is waiting to arise...





Now, here’s the fun bit… this blog was also a giveaway for a copy of Elmo's Christmas Tail.  All you need to tell us is how many times we said the word ‘Christmas’.