Adult colouring books. The new craze. Everyone is talking about them. We all love them, you know you can’t go wrong with taking an hour (oh who am I kidding, we all know it’s at least half a day!) sitting listening to relaxing music, watching that much loved show and colouring to your hearts content.


We all love Millie Marotta and her Animal Kingdom and Tropical Wonderland - who doesn’t own Animal Kingdom? We also all love Johanna Basford and her Enchanted Forest and Secret Garden colouring books. You have to admit you at least own one! A favourite of mine is Cats – Colouring for Mindfulness by Mesdemoiselles because let’s face it, who doesn’t love cats?


Here at Olympia, we have just published our very own colouring book. Travels in Colour by Kelly Boyson has been a real hit with the public! Gorgeous, intricate detailing of places Kelly has visited or wishes to in the future. Her drawings will keep you entertained for hours.


Today Kelly will be on BBC Radio London at 3.10pm so make sure you tune in and have a listen!