We are nearing holiday season, so, naturally, thought it best to write a blog post dedicated to the part we hate doing... travelling! Here's our top 10 travel essentials when travelling by a carry on only! 




Hair Ties


Hair ties and clips are SO easily forgotten. It may seem obvious, but it’s one of the most commonly forgotten items.


Sleeping Mask


A good sleeping mask. And we would like to stress ‘good’. The ones you purchase in the airport and, if you’re very lucky, given to you on the plane are usually very cheap and just don’t do the job.

So be one step ahead and get yourself a good one.  


Charging Plugs 

Another very important thing to get is universal plugs. The last thing you want to do when you get to the airport or even the hotel is find out you’ve forgotten a plug for your charger. They charge a silly amount in both of these places, so get one in advance for only £2.99 or less!


Travel Kits


 A nifty travel kit with all the good stuff is surprisingly hard to come by, especially when you have to reply on what is in your carry on for the stay. This great little kit comes with everything you need wash wise. Though, we do strongly advise just getting your toiletries when you get through customers or arrive!





Once again, it may seem obvious, but you’re going to be stuck on that plane for a while, so you’re going to want some kind of entertainment!



Flight Socks 



Flight socks are an essential to us and we cannot stress how important they are, especially for longer flights. Clinically proven compression level. Helps reduce the risk of flight related DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis)  So, yeah, grab yourself a pair! 



Travel Organizer




It can be so annoying having to riffle through your bag for your passport, documents, phone and money. This handy contraption stops all the complications and puts everything in one place. A life saver for the unorganised among us!


Comfy Slip On Shoes 




Slip on shoes are not only great for holidays in general. But great for airports! They’re nothing worse than having to untie the laces of your trainers when you’re about to go through the detectors. So, save the hassle and go no laces! We also love TOMS because they’re vegan AND they donate a pair of shoes every time you buy something!


A Good Book



The most important on the list for us anyway! A good book can make a holiday!
For a really summery feeling book, we recommend Eco Island!



Cabin Suitcase 


Finally, you can’t get anywhere without a case. And Tripp is the way to go. Always on a crazy sale at Debenhams, you can get yourself a fantastic case for a very good price!