Our author Charlotte Sebag-Montefiore kindly wrote us a holiday poem! Have a look at it here! 




I’m off, dear friends, on holiday


Who knows what that will bring?


Will I find romance and love?


Is that my song to sing?



The clear sky fills my heart with joy


after our dismal rain.


My life’s a gorgeous open space


to thrill me once again.



So if you feel stuck in the dumps


just think what you could do.


Go somewhere and do something else


life’s waiting there for you.



Lady Luck’s elusive


-       she’s not home but away.


Get going, friend, and search her out


she might pop round today!




Charlotte Sebag-Montefiore has published three children's books with Olympia and has several other books in the pipeline. She is an author to watch, and enjoys giving readings in schools, libraries and bookshops. Contact Olympia if you want to arrange any events! For more updates from Charlotte please visit Charlotte's Wonderful Stories  - here: charlotteswonderfulstories.com